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How Marketers Can Create Linkable Content to Drive More Site Traffic?

Attracting traffic to their website is often one of the most crucial elements of any business. 61% of marketers believe that generating traffic is their biggest challenge.

The traffic only gets attracted to the website only if the content is good and relatable to the common man. Hence, creating linkable content that would drive more site traffic is a must for marketers regardless of their field of business. Marketers must know what kind of content would best relate to their target audience and provide only those links that shall fit with their tone of work.

Types of Linkable Content

Linkable contents are a must for those who want to increase their audience reach. This means building relationships with new and relevant audiences that have never interacted with your brand before.

Two main types of effective linkable content help drive more site traffic.

Information or Educational Articles

These kinds of articles ensure that they are easy to read and comprehend by any person. They provide information and answers to different queries in a simplified and straightforward manner. These articles connect best with the audience who are confused about things and require instant answers. The most popular structures for these articles include “FAQ” and “How-to…” formats.

Resource Guides

Resource Guides are good for providing elaborate information regarding any kind of subject. These would benefit the marketers if uploaded directly on their website. As it contains large pieces of information, it is proven that those marketers who carefully format their article into different content headings and sub-headings would gain better backlinks compared to those who have one plain and continuous resource guide article on their website.

Ways to Create Linkable Content

Creating linkable content is a must to drive more traffic to your site. Knowing how to create linkable content is essential for every marketer.

Choose Wise Topics

As a marketer, create content that would not get outdated and would always stay as fresh as new. Topics that are of interest to the majority of the population would gather accelerated traffic to your site with time since they would remain evergreen.

Make your Headings Stand-out

The first impression is oftentimes the last. If your content's headline is unique and stands out amongst the rest of the materials the user finds online, it is bound to drive more traffic and hence, increase backlinks as well.

Add Eye-appealing Visuals

Plain and boring articles with tons of words often go unread by the viewers. Make your content attractive by adding fun and informative visual designs and graphics to represent the data. Be it colorful charts, diagrams, graphs, or images, each one of them would help enhance the beauty of your content.

Use Videos

Videos are an amazing source to not only attract but also engage the audience towards your content, helping it become more linkable. This technique has many advantages. For example, your marketing content would show in the search results of videos. This would automatically showcase your content to a larger number of audiences as well.

Emphasize on Keywords

Keywords are extremely crucial, especially for SEO. These are words and short sentences people often put into the search engine platforms like Google to find their desired results. Keywords that are used multiple times in the search engines if used in your articles would gather increased audience traction to your website.

While using the keywords, make sure that they are all used in the correct order for your content to be shown on the top of the search engines. This in the long run would further display your business content to a fresh audience as well.

Final Thoughts

Creating linkable content is not a very difficult task. Marketers must know and understand the right content to create that would engage best with the audience and would even be back-linked with other articles and content on different pages. All this would help increase your reach to new audiences, resulting in increased profits.

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