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How Maybelline Attained Success in 3 Major APAC Markets Through Stunning Facebook Campaigns

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Beauty enthusiasts from around the world are well aware of the iconic brand Maybelline. Over the years, the make-up brand has developed a broad customer base comprising budget-conscious clientele. The company provides its customers with more than 200 products and has cemented its place as the premier cosmetic brand globally.

While Maybelline has had an impressive growth story ever since its foundation in New York in 1915, it gained further success ever since it began leveraging online marketing channels like Facebook. So, let’s see how Facebook helped Maybelline make a mark in three important APAC markets i.e., Vietnam, India, and Thailand.

1. Maybelline Vietnam

Maybelline launched in Vietnam in 2007, where it has become the leading mascara brand in its category and is among the top brands for face and lip products.

Their Objective

Maybelline wanted to boost brand awareness and reach a younger demographic when it introduced a new product, Super Stay Matte Ink lipstick, in Vietnam.

Solution & Approach

Maybelline introduced the “Unstoppable Girls” campaign and teamed up with three local influencers to create branded content ads. Each influencer represented a niche audience of young women and created an ad that showcased how the new product fit her lifestyle.

They also brought on board a well-known gamer who often livestreams to host a Facebook Live session where she introduced the lip product, demonstrated how to use it, and watched the “Unstoppable Girls” commercial for the first time. Then, she guided viewers to websites where they could purchase with a limited-time promotional discount. The influencer and Maybelline then worked together to create a branded content ad for the livestream.

The Result

Maybelline Vietnam’s Facebook campaign was a roaring success and resulted in a 13-point lift in ad recall and a 3-point lift in message association. Also, the campaign led to a 1.2-point lift in action intent.

2. Maybelline India

As people preferred to browse and shop for products online from the comfort of their homes, Maybelline decided to pursue an online-only strategy to keep up with changing consumer behavior during the COVID-19 lockdown in India.

Their Objective

As fewer people visited Maybelline stores to try out and purchase products during the coronavirus (COVID-19)-related lockdowns in India, Maybelline wanted to find a way for customers to try its cosmetics without leaving their homes.

Solution & Approach

Maybelline wanted to promote its latest line of liquid lipsticks, the Super Stay Matte Ink collection. So, the beauty brand joined hands with media agency Wavemaker to create an augmented reality ad that allowed people to try out lip colors virtually.

The ad featured a 6-second video of supermodel Gigi Hadid smiling as her lips changed color multiple times. The ad copy urged people to “Try on all 30 shades”. When people clicked the ad, the camera on their device opened and showed a filter that allowed people to see how the various shades looked on them. After finding the right fit, people could click a “Shop Now” button that took them to Maybelline’s Amazon India store, where they could purchase the lipstick.

The Result

The Facebook campaign by Maybelline India performed quite well and resulted in a 10-point lift in brand awareness and a 3-point lift in message association.

3. Maybelline Thailand

Maybelline ran a three-month campaign with Facebook Collaborative Ads to test their impact on brand metrics in Thailand.

Their Objective

Maybelline Thailand wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how product-focused performance campaigns would impact its brand metrics.

Solution & Approach

Maybelline Thailand ran a campaign using Collaborative Ads to drive online sales via e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia. The ads displayed products from the Maybelline stores on the e-commerce platforms, automatically showing people items they were more likely to be interested in, based on their recent online behavior.

Running from January–March 2020, the campaign broadly targeted ads to people in Thailand. Maybelline Thailand also retargeted ads to people who had previously viewed products or added them to their cart but did not purchase, in the hopes of re-engaging them.

The Result

Maybelline Thailand’s Facebook campaign performed extraordinarily well and helped the brand achieve a 22-point lift in ad recall and an 8.8-point lift in purchase intent. Also, there was a 73% increase in ad recall and a 3.9X increase in brand favourability compared to the previous month.

Bottom Line

Over the years, Facebook has emerged as a highly effective marketing platform. Through its various features like branded content ads, dynamic ads, link ads, and augmented reality ads, Facebook has helped not just Maybelline but several other brands make an impact in their respective sectors. However, the key to succeeding with Facebook is having a robust marketing strategy. Once you have got that figured out, you can stay assured of the impact that your brand can make with Facebook’s help.

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