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How to Create the Next Rare NFT for Your Brand

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are unique digital assets that have rapidly grown in value and attracted the attention of investors, art collectors, gamers, and tech fans worldwide.

Nowadays, everyone wants to own an NFT. However, not every NFT has a high value or is well-known, and the selling price of your non-fungible token (NFT) is determined by how rare and popular it is. You can follow these simple steps to make your token more attractive and feels like a rarity to potential investors.

Create a Community Around NFTs

You should create a community around your NFT. It is always essential to cultivate a passionate community when selling something online because it means you have a loyal group that will defend, promote, and even purchase more tokens down the road. Having a strong community will also get the word out for you, as everyone in the group will share your collection with their friends and other social contacts.

Share useful articles to educate the public about the benefits of your NFTs. Because non-fungible tokens are still relatively new, take a storytelling approach to help people learn more about them. Participate in relevant conversations and assist community members by giving value to other crypto enthusiasts. Your postings, comments, and suggestions should provide value to fellow crypto fans.

Rarity and Exclusiveness

Come up with a rare and exclusive idea of an NFT, and not just copy the existing trend in the market. NFTs easily produce scarcity, which has made the assets more valuable. For example, CryptoPunks and BAYC have just 10,000 NFTs between them, providing a sense of exclusivity to anybody who owns them. It also makes the owners want to show them off, making the NFTs more appealing to others and themselves.

Choose a Platform with a High Userbase

Many platforms allow you to list a collectible NFT easily. One of the biggest ones which also has a high userbase is OpenSea. Listing your collection on a platform that is well known among crypto fans and gamers will help you achieve your aim of creating a rare NFT and will likely bring in massive revenues.

You should also list your NFTs on more than one marketplace to improve your chances of selling them. Make sure the platform you choose is appropriate for the scope of your project. SuperRare, for example, is an NFT market dedicated to single-edition digital artworks, whereas Enjin is a marketplace for trading any blockchain assets.

Promote Your NFT on Twitter

Promoting your NFT on Twitter is a great way to get exposure quickly. You need to regularly post messages about your NFT and include hashtags such as #crypto #NFT #gaming in the posts to catch an audience from these niches. Also, it is a good idea to promote your tweet through Twitter ads if you really want your collections to create hype.

Running a Twitter ad campaign is not cheap, but it's a good idea if you really want to create a buzz about your NFT. The ads can be targeted at the right audience and will reach people who may potentially buy your collection and increase its value.

Partner Up with Influencers

Promoting your NFT on social media is not the only way to increase its popularity. You can also partner with popular influencers in the crypto niche who have a large following and ask them to create videos about your NFT project. Together, you can develop creative video ideas that will help your collection gain fame quickly.


Your NFT's value is determined by its rarity and exclusivity. Let the market know that you have a special collection by creating a community around it and by listing your NFTs on multiple platforms to attract a larger audience. If you follow these simple steps, your collection will soon be worth much more than what you expect.


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