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How to Infuse SEO into Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Did you know 55% of consumers are looking for information on social media platforms - Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn, and others?

The use of social media for businesses has become essential. It helps with digital marketing strategy, creating a connection with customers, and driving traffic to websites. In order to be successful, businesses need to create a social media plan and use the right tools. Today, there are many platforms available for businesses to use, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The most important thing is to find the ones that your customers are using and to create content that is interesting and relevant.

All of these platforms have unique features that can help amplify your reach and get in front of more leads.

One way to reap more benefits and leads from social media is by infusing SEO into your strategy. By optimizing social media posts for search engines, businesses can make it easier for people to find content, meaning that more people will see your posts, which can lead to increased website visits, leads, and sales.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of improving the visibility and ranking of a website or web page in search engine results pages. SEO tactics can be used in social media marketing to improve the visibility and ranking of your company’s social media profiles and pages. Some basic SEO tactics that can be used in social media marketing include optimizing page titles, and inserting relevant keywords in social posts.

If you are unsure how to optimize your social presence here are some basic things to get started.

Use keywords, it helps a lot

When planning your social media content, it's a good idea to include keywords in posts. Keywords are words or phrases that people might use when they're looking for information about a particular topic. By including keywords in social media posts, you can make it easier for people to find content. Brands can include keywords in several different ways. One way is to use them as part of the post title and another way is to include them within the context of your post.

Link to authoritative resources

When creating a social media post, it is important to include links to authoritative resources. Doing so helps with SEO (search engine optimization) and also helps your followers find more information about the topic being discussed. The more authoritative the resource you link to, the better the SEO will be.

One way to find authoritative resources is to use Google's search engine results pages (SERPS). When conducting a search, Google will show the most relevant websites based on the keywords that you used. However, not all of these websites will be authority sites, so you need to find the one that discusses the topic in detail.

Use infographics and visuals

It is a great idea to post visuals and other infographics when planning your social media posts. Not only do they help break up the text and make your posts more interesting to read, but they also help with SEO. Recent studies have shown that including images in your posts can increase traffic from search engines by up to 2.3 times. In addition, using infographics and other types of visuals can help businesses stand out from the competition and get more shares on social media. However, be sure to post original visuals every time you do since 40% of content creators said it drove the most engagement in their marketing efforts.

Be sure to brand your posts

Many marketers think that after creating great content, the next step is to share it on social media and wait for the leads to pour in. But if the posts are not branded, it will likely damage SEO leading to decreased traffic. Branding is what will set businesses apart from the competition and make them recognizable online. When people see your logo or name associated with a post, they’re likely to remember it and visit your website.


Optimizing social media marketing strategy with SEO techniques will help businesses reach a larger audience, and achieve better results. By following the tips in this article, marketers can create a plan that will improve the website’s search engine ranking, as well as increase traffic from social media pages. However, whichever strategy you choose to follow, be sure to create engaging content that will interest your followers, since dull or repetitive content doesn’t get very far on social media.

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