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How to Use Heatmaps to Level Up Your Content Marketing Game?

Every digital marketer who is a pro at the game can vouch for how great heatmaps are for digital marketing. They help marketers understand how visitors interact with the company or brand websites. This allows them to strategize their moves to increase customer traction and help brands earn maximum profits.

Go over this article to learn everything about heatmaps.

What are Heatmaps?

Heatmaps are digital tools that systematically represent online data for easy visualization. They are a great way to show and interpret complex data with ease by having different color schemes, aiding in interpretation. They use a spectrum of colors that range from blue, all the way to read. The blue color is the coolest tone, showing the least webpage engagement, while red is the warmest, showing the highest engagement.

This technique allows digital marketers to know what part of the page was most viewed by the viewers.

Types of Heatmaps

There are 3 major types of heatmaps used:

Overlay Reports

The Overlay Reports convert the total clicks on your website into percentages.

Scroll Maps

These show you the average limit the viewers scroll down your website page before they stop scrolling and reading further.

Confetti Reports

This type shows each click made by a visitor using a colored dot.

Enhance your Content Marketing!

Heatmaps are a great way to enhance your content marketing game. Here are some of the ways you can use them for this work.

Know your Content’s Worth

As a content marketer, you would be interested in knowing the worth of the work you produced and uploaded on a website. Figuring out whether your content was just clicked upon by a visitor or whether it was read till the end is important for your next marketing strategies.

Understanding whether the viewers were interested in reading throughout your article would help improve your existing work. This job can be done by using scroll maps that indicate the point where the visitors went on the webpage and show you how much of your article was read.

Scroll maps are also a great way to learn about the behavior of readers, what content they prefer reading, what tools and filters they use the most, as well as the time they spend on each webpage.

Promote your Favored Action

A webpage shows different CTA buttons, pop-ups, and extra advertisements along with the marketers' content. Heatmaps are a great way to understand how the visitors behave with your content with these extra elements added to the page.

If visitors are more focused on viewing ads and other pop-ups on the webpage rather than your content, you can make amendments to the website to promote your content to the visitors.

Use Images to Attract Attention

Adding good images to your content is important, however, more important is the art of placing it in the right position on the webpage. Heatmaps such as Confetti Clicks can help you understand at what position an image would complement your content the most by attracting the viewers’ attention and making them stay and read your content till the end.

Understand UX and Usability

Many customers put items into their online carts, however, do not proceed with the check-outs. Heatmaps would help you understand why the customers abandoned your cart and did not proceed with buying the products. They would display the part on your webpage where the people clicked and where they did not, helping you figure out where the main problem lies. For instance, the check-out button is difficult to find, or customers get distracted or annoyed by different ads on the website. This would help you make improvements to your page and boost conversions.

Final Thoughts

Heatmaps are a fool-proof way to improve content marketing and overall customer conversion to the website. They help you discover problems with your webpage and content that otherwise would have been difficult for you to understand and improve.

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