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Importance of Keywords and Hashtags for Your Social Media Strategy

Keywords and hashtags have become the backbone of social media strategies. They are essential to gain audience attraction by categorizing different topics and grouping them, enabling you to find the results of your searches easily.

Without the use of keywords and hashtags, your social media reach would get very low as you would not be able to find information with a particular theme or content.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are words or short phrases which apply to specific topics, themes, or content online. These keywords can be added to your website's URL, anchor text, Meta Tags, etc. Choosing the right keywords allows you to make content around any trending or online activity that would gain a large audience.

Types of Keywords

There are two main types of keywords.

Broad Keywords

These are short words or phrases which are not specific to just your content but are generalized and may apply to other companies. Therefore, there is a very high competition rate for the broad keywords, and using these would not allow your site to get a high audience flow.

Long-Tail Keywords

These types of keywords are longer words or phrases which are specific to your particular content or website. It faces less competition and allows you to have a higher conversion rate.

Significance of Keywords

Keywords are very essential for your social media strategy due to several reasons.

Forms A Base

Keywords form a foundation or a base for your website's content. Putting keywords into the content that you post online allows the visitors to ensure that they are in the correct place by matching your keywords to the ones they wrote in the search engines.

High Ranking

The use of keywords allows your content to get a higher rank in the search engines.

Beneficial for Sites SEO and Branding

By using the correct keywords, the link-building gets stronger with the site's SEO and also ensures a higher branding for your page or content material.

What Are Hashtags?

Another powerful tool to get the attraction to your social media is "Hashtags" which are denoted by having one or a few words (without spaces) with the symbol '#' in front of them, for example, #socialmedia.

This tool also enables you to group different topics into categories to help the user find the appropriate results for their searches. Nowadays, hashtags have been used in great proportions over all the social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. It has also been reported that tweets can increase engagement up to 100% (2x) for individuals and 50% (1.5x) for brands.

Significance of Using Hashtags

Hashtags have proved to be excellent for all sorts of businesses online due to many reasons.

High Engagement With Users

Companies and different businesses can easily observe and get involved with the audience using their hashtags.

Keeps Track of Keywords

Using hashtags also allows you to keep track of your most useful and fruitful keywords as they can be repeated to increase your business.

Increases Publicity and Awareness

When the same hashtags are used at different sites, it automatically raises awareness and gets publicity for the business involved.

Points to Remember While Creating Keywords And Hashtags

There are a few things you must keep in mind before creating keywords and hashtags for your content.


Make sure that the keywords and hashtags you use are relevant to your particular content/website or social media.

Clear and Proper

The keywords and hashtags must be clear, proper, unique as well as catchy to gain as much audience attraction as possible.

Keep Them Short

Avoid using very long keywords and hashtags to ensure that your content does not look absurd.

Final Thoughts

Using keywords and hashtags is the way to go to strategize your social media and any content you create. Choosing the appropriate words for your sites would allow you to gain a large audience and a higher conversion rate making your business grow a lot faster. Therefore, these tools are highly recommended for your social media strategies.


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