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Key Trends from Google's Year in Search 2020: Singapore Report

The global market is faced with complex digital journeys and intense customer expectations. Even though it is tough to keep up with the pace of the market, these challenges are a boon for businesses trying to build their consumer journeys. To understand an evolved and dynamic market like Singapore, brands need to analyse what matters to the customers the most.

Google’s Year in Search 2020: Singapore report reveals the major trends impacting Singaporeans’ choices recently and provides some possible considerations for brands looking to build effective strategies to better serve consumers.

Demand for Convenience

The sudden increase in on-demand services like streaming platforms, ride-sharing to food delivery has set a paradigm of expectations concerning affordable services across multiple verticals.

Singaporeans are demanding deliveries for categories spanning beyond food and beverages. There is a surge in queries like "cake delivery" (+44%) and "grocery delivery" (+23%). There is also an increase in queries for services like "home assistant" (+77%). Searches with a "near me" clause have seen a 44% hike. This has made it evident that the on-demand trend has won over brand loyalty. Customer preferences are more inclined towards speed, proximity, and convenience.

(Figure 1: The increase in demand for deliveries for items other than food)

The Quest for Work-Life Balance

Since the 5C generation, the competitiveness of a fast-paced society that demands constant connectivity has affected the minds of the Singaporeans. The people are thus looking for various ways to combat stress and become aware of their mental health.

There is an exponential growth in searches like "how to calm down" and "burnout symptoms." Some people are trying to escape the stressful reality by going on short vacations. An increase in searches like "luxury escapes" (+100%) and "flexible working hours" has enhanced the quest for work-life balance in a draining atmosphere.

(Figure 2: The increase in mental health and stress-related searches)

Rethinking Value

Singaporeans are known for their inclination towards a good deal. However, in the past decade, the idea of value has seen significant changes. People are focused on stretching their budget and not simply going for the cheapest deal. The market has seen an increase in smart buyers who want to maximize each dollar they spend.

Searches like "cheap and good restaurants in Singapore" (+46%) show that buyers want more than just affordability. Consumers are also expecting rewards for the products they try, as shown by searches like "new user promo." There is an increase in luxury brand searches as well as eco-friendly products.

(Figure 3: Searches that show an inclination towards eco-friendly products)

Informed Market

95% of the Singaporean population has turned to Search for queries. This shows that access to information has made them more informed than ever. Buyers are looking for the best in every aspect of life.

Searches have shown an incredible range in categories like “best university in the world” (+70%) and “eye cream review” (+30%). Consumers have become more aware of quality products by way of comparison sites such as Expedia (+60%) and (+50%). Consumers have thus decided that they do not want to lose out on the best of anything.

(Figure 4: The increase in searches for sites that offer comparisons)

Welcoming Change

A rise in searches like “Dior sneakers” (+400%) and “bum bag” (+82%) show that consumers want to balance practicality and fashion. Similarly, people are becoming adventurous with cuisine by searching “Impossible Burger” (+1376%) and “truffle chips” (+176%). This has shown that while Singapore remains rooted in their culture, they have become more welcoming to change.

Summing Up

Brands looking for inspiration and direction for ways to engage their customers can get useful insights from this report. The consumers’ willingness to experience the new has given brands more to work with.

To download the complete ‘Year In Search 2020: Singapore’ report, click here.

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