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Looking For ChatGPT Alternative? 5 Best AI Chatbot Apps of 2023

Is the ChatGPT server now unavailable? Or do you believe it is too old-fashioned to meet your needs? So it goes without saying that you should have a backup plan for everything.

Nevertheless, a significant drawback with these chatbots appears to be that they cannot handle a large volume of load, resulting in app crashes.

Do not worry; as a result, here is a list of the best ChatGPT replacements to make our life easier. When dealing with digital material, AI writing solutions such as ChatGPT and its numerous substitutes can help us reduce time and energy.


Bloom, a multilingual language model, is a popular ChatGPT replacement (is completely open-source). A team of more than 1,000 AI researchers created the online platform, recognized as the best GPT-3 alternative. Bloom needed 384 graphics cards with a combined capacity of more than 80 GB to learn 176 billion parameters, which is 176 billion more than GPT-3. BLOOM's potential will enhance as the workgroup continues to test and tweak the model.

Bloom is available for free to anyone (individual and institution) who agrees to the Responsible AI License of the system. Also note, Huggingface has made their pre-trained models available (via their transformers API) to the public.

Google Bard

Bard, a chatbot launched by Google artificial intelligence, gets inspired by Google's Language Model for Dialogue App, the newest chatbot (Language Model for Dialogue Application or LaMDA). Users will have the option to interact with the chatbot via dialogue, exactly as ChatGPT. The company claims that it is a scaled-down version of LaMDA.

According to CNBC, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, claims that Bard has just recently been made available for trial to a limited number of people. He also defined Bard as a conversational AI tool. In addition to offering high-quality replies, it can do tasks and explain complicated situations. And yet, Bard will shortly also be accessible to the general public.

Microsoft Bing

The OpenAI company and Microsoft collaborated to create the Bing chatbot. Nevertheless, a very minimal preliminary group of users have exposure to the new Bing with ChatGPT from Microsoft. The neural network is an artificial intelligence that powers the Bing chatbot. A mathematical system called the neural network merely learns new abilities by processing enormous volumes of digital data. It is the software that recognizes individuals, animals, and other entities in pictures uploaded to websites like Google Photos.

Bing will be available (on the desktop) for all as a “limited preview”. For now, you’ll have a limited number of queries for use, but in near future, you will be able to sign up for full access.

Furthermore, the Bing chatbot excels in language translation and speech recognition. As per Theverge, individuals are learning what it means to beta test an unpredictable AI tool as an outcome of Microsoft's Bing chatbot being made available to the public.

Jasper Chat

This chatbot has a long history of success in artificial intelligence content creation. Jasper also includes a relatively new chatbot with content-generating capabilities and other applications. This ChatGPT substitute relies on GPT 3.5 and additional language models and includes OpenAI as its collaborator. JasperChat, in contrast to ChatGPT, got created for organizations like marketing, advertising, and other similar sectors. The company, Jasperai, claims that Jasper Chat has learned from billions of publications and other bits of data until mid-2021 in 29 languages. So, it can potentially have moderately complicated dialogues even though it may not provide the most recent facts.


One of the latest and most comprehensive ChatGPT substitutes that have recently gained popularity is Chatsonic. It inherited ChatGPT's enormous potential because it got developed on its basis. Its greatest advantage and preference is due to its ability to access the internet. The latter can't yet compete with an AI chatbot in terms of functionality and expertise. The AI chatbot also keeps track of conversations and draws to keep the discussion going. The official website Writesonic claims that 10,000 users actively use Chatsonic every day. If you want to talk to various individuals, it even has 16 alternative personality avatars, from a poet to an accountant. Apart from text, Chatsonic offers an integrated picture generator that produces good visuals from the prompts you provide. The bot costs money, but each day it offers 25 free generations.


People are constantly seeking ChatGPT alternatives to increase their creativity as the need for AI writing tools such as ChatGPT grows. However, according to a few sources, including ZDNet, ChatGPT is the greatest AI chatbot overall since it is cost-free and possesses a variety of abilities beyond writing.


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