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[Marketing Guru Video Series] 3 Important Factors To Consider For Content Marketing

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Content marketing is more important now than ever? How do we make sure our content marketing connects with our audience?

Elizabeth Taylor, Senior Trainer at ClickAcademy Asia, shares 3 important factors to consider when you plan and create your content.

Should we be focusing on our content marketing in the current economic climate?

Yes, as businesses are getting over the initial shock of the pandemic, and adapting, pivoting or changing direction and planning for the future. To build or maintain relationships with customers and ensure we have their long-term trust and loyalty, content marketing is absolutely vital.

According to a recent study by Edelman, 8 in 10 of customers would like to hear from brands during this time, as a reliable news source, to use social media to generate a sense of belonging and community and to educate them on what is going on.

Do we need to adapt our content in any way?

Brands need to avoid any overly promotional or hard-hitting copy, and take a more empathetic approach. How can brands achieve this? Brands can

  • Focus on connecting on an emotional level with your audience, by using familiar scenes that your audience recognise

  • Show a level of awareness of the current global situation

  • Show empathy towards your audience by focusing more on people than products both in your copy and visuals.

  • Produce positive and motivational content that puts a smile on your customer’s face

What type of content works best right now?

Audiences tend to be online these days, especially on social media. Live video is ones of the best ways to connect with your audience. Channels like IGTV and IG Live has seen an increase of up to 75% of users consuming and broadcasting live videos. It is a good way to show empathy and awareness, especially now when we are all missing personal connections. Live videos gets up to 7 times more engagement and 24 times more comments than any other form of content.

Video is another format that works well, especially on social media. It does not have to be perfectly produced, and the more authentic it is, the better.

Images also are an effective format, especially of people, can help to connect on an emotional level.

However, while these formats work well, it is important to remember to comment and engage with customers on these platforms, especially with Facebook announcing that they are releasing an update where you can see the impact comments have on your reach and visibility.

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