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[Marketing Guru Video Series] 3 Important Tips to Audit Your Content Marketing

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Is your content driving reach, engagement, and interest with consumers across digital channels? A content marketing audit can help you evaluate your content quality and effectiveness as well as identify content gaps.

Elizabeth Taylor, Senior Trainer at ClickAcademy Asia, shares 3 important tips you need to apply when you audit your content marketing.

Do an inventory of what you have

Look across all your platforms and make a list of all the content you are already using. You can use tools like Google Analytics, Screaming Frog to audit your website.

Map the content out against your customer journey

After you have gathered all of your content, map the formats and topics against your customer journey across 4 key stages: Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Advocacy. This will help you figure out if there are any gaps that you need to fill.

Look at your channels and formats

Look at which of your channels are doing the best in terms of conversions and goals for the content. For those channels that are not performing well, you can look into and try to optimise them. Then, look at the types of formats your content comes in. Which format has the most engagement? Which gets the best conversion rates?

With all of this information, you can then optimise and improve your current content marketing strategy.

Get hands-on guided training on Content Marketing at ClickAcademy Asia's Content Marketing for Web, Mobile & Social Media. The 2-day course covers world-class frameworks, templates and case studies on content marketing strategies. Find out more here. The course is accredited by Skillsfuture Singapore and is Skillsfuture credit-claimable.

If you are experienced in content marketing and would like to align your current content with your brand positioning using a content marketing audit, as well as build a business case for content marketing, check out our Advanced Content Marketing Masterclass course.


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