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[Marketing Guru Video Series] Google Analytics Measurement Plan IV: Segments

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

In the first and second videos on this topic, we:

1. Established your overall business objectives.

2. Came up with strategies and tactics that support the overall business objectives.

3. Talked about KPIs - or the actual way you are going to judge the success of your efforts.

Jeff Rajeck, Chief Editor at ClickInsights and Senior Trainer at ClickAcademy Asia, is now back to share the 4th part of the Google Analytics Measurement Plan: Segments.

Google quite rightly suggests that segments help you understand what drives success—but what are segments?

Well, in short, segments are ways to divide up your website visitors so that you can see whether one group is outperforming another.

You can divide—or segment—your website visitors in many ways. It could be by:

  • Channel: Are search visitors outperforming social?

  • Geography: Are people from Malaysia converting higher than those from Indonesia?

  • Device: Are visitors on desktop more or less likely to buy something?

And the list goes on. Google Analytics offers all these and many other ways for you to segment your users so that you can compare the performance of different groups.

If you haven't already given segments a try on Google Analytics—we guarantee you'll find some surprising results.

So, what do we do with the segment results? Well, that's for next video blog.

If you want hands-on guidance from Jeff on Google Analytics, consider our online, 2-day courses delivered on Zoom:

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Until then, happy analyticing!


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