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[Masters of Marketing] 3 ways to reimagine your social content during the great disruption

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Businesses and teams are being tested by the COVID-19 situation. During this time, it’s difficult to determine what brands should be communicating, particularly on social media.

Melvin Kwan, Integrated Marketing Communications Lead at Ruder Finn, shares 3 ways on how marketers can reimagine their social content to stay relevant.


1. Contribute not convert

Focus on creating content that adds value rather than conversion. Consider creating content to inspire people to stay healthier indoors, keep them informed of the situation, or to educate people to stay productive while at home.

2. Get Involved with your social community

Collaborate with followers on social to create new engagements. For example, you can host a virtual happy hour and invite your own experts to chat about what they do best. Or run weekly challenges - photo challenges, get people to submit recipes or even ideas on how to keep the kids entertained. The key is to make the engagement simple and relevant to your audience.

3. Step out of your comfort zone

COVID-19 has fast-tracked digital transformation. It has sparked innovation for many brands, especially with the adoption of new apps that facilitate video content creation. If you haven’t done so, try experimenting with Instagram stories, do a live webinar on Facebook, produce a series on YouTube, create videos on TikTok, or host a mobile gaming event on Houseparty. Social media is all about experimenting and with people spending more time online, this is a fantastic opportunity for brands to step out of their comfort zone and create something different.

Ruder Finn is an award-winning global integrated communications consultancy. At Ruder Finn, we help brands to engage with people and issues they care about through compelling integrated campaigns that enhance perception and ignite engagement.

If you are an experienced senior marketer from a brand, agency or tech company willing to share your marketing secrets and would like to contribute to the Masters of Marketing series, click here to get in touch.


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