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[Masters of Marketing] Business Continuity Planning for the New Normal

Masters of Marketing is a weekly video series featuring senior marketers from brands, tech companies and agencies sharing their ideas, industry trends, best practices and tips.

Agencies are all witnessing a significant drop in business, with clients either postponing or cancelling projects due to this unprecedented situation at hand.

Mazuin Zin, Managing Director of Edelman Malaysia, shares some ideas and initiatives Edelman Malaysia have put in motion as part of business continuity planning for their clients.


1. Making all clients think, evaluate and prepare their business ecosystem for the New Normal

Every market, every country is going to go through the key stages of recovery, hence it is important for to clearly establish the roadmap for clients.

2. Purpose becomes the lighthouse on how to act and deliver

Edelman Malaysia is guided by their very own Trust Barometer Special Report: Brand Trust and the Coronavirus Pandemic and has been brainstorming and prototyping ideas with clients on how they can play a meaningful role in this emerging new normal.

3. Preparing ourselves and clients for a post-COVID era

This global event will change the world significantly, where health and wellbeing will be extremely critical, and social distancing changing how people consume and behave.

4. Encouraging brands to stay Always On, Always Interesting, Always Engaging

Brands and businesses need to remember to spread a dose of everyday positivity in these emotionally challenging times as we all muscle through this challenge on humanity.

Edelman Malaysia is Malaysia’s largest Communication Marketing consultancy that partners Clients to earn Trust and Attention.

Uniquely structured to offer clients effective business solutions in the space of Reputation Building, Crisis Preparedness, Content Engagement and Data Analytics based brand solutions, Edelman for the past two years remains Malaysia’s most awarded agency at premier regional marketing and business effectiveness shows.

If you are an experienced senior marketer from a brand, agency or tech company willing to share your marketing secrets and would like to contribute to the Masters of Marketing series, click here to get in touch.


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