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[Masters of Marketing] Conversational AI and its Relevance in Inbound Marketing

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Masters of Marketing is a weekly video series featuring senior marketers from brands, tech companies and agencies sharing their ideas, industry trends, best practices and tips.

In honour of International Women's Day and the women who have contributed to our research and community-building efforts, every senior marketer we feature this month will be women.

Artificial intelligence can transform the way businesses communicate with customers. From chatbots to speech-based assistants, marketers can integrate AI into their customer journey which can drive stronger sales and customer service.

Bipasha Minocha, Group Brand and Marketing Director of EtonHouse International Holdings, talks about integrating AI into your tech stack to improve personalisation and conversions.


While AI technology has been around since the 1960s, pioneered by the likes of Alan Turing, it has had a renewed focus in recent years and has become more mainstream.

As the world moves from being mobile-first to AI-first, we expect technology to be spontaneous, thoughtful, competent and constantly evolving.

Conversational AI has several maturity levels. It could be simplistic in the form of preset responses and notification triggers to more sophisticated interactions which are contextualised and personalised.

In order to successfully integrate AI into your tech stacks, we have to first identify our pain points then translate that into a solution using AI which benefits the entire organisation.

EtonHouse International Holdings achieved personalisation at scale using conversational AI which in turn enhanced efficiency and conversion of their prospects.

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