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[Masters of Marketing] Ecommerce during these uncertain times

Updated: May 19, 2020

Worried about how COVID-19 may affect how your ecommerce business operates?

Agnisha Ghosh, Digital Commerce Lead- Transportation and Electronics Business Group from 3M Innovations, shares significant tips on planning your ecommerce strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Today we know that our customers are anxious and overwhelmed because of these uncertain times and as brand marketers, one of the most important things for us is to be transparent and be genuine in our communication.

These are a few factors we will be looking at before we think of any marketing plan or ecommerce campaign.

1. Pricing

Profit should not be your top priority now. If you take this approach, your customer will remember your company’s effort.

2. Re-look your event on your promotion calendar

Re-look your event on the promotion calendar with your ecommerce partners, make plans for possible rescheduling, and ensure that your communication is genuine so that customers will not be offended.

3. Promotional strategy

Ensure that you know your promotions are in line with the environment that we are in and cater to their customer needs.

4. Live streaming or influencer marketing

If you have partnered with or had plans to partner with an influencer, it is important for you to re-look at that and be very sensitive and empathetic towards your customers in terms of what and how you would execute your promotion during this period.

5. Communication

It is critical to be honest with your customers in the messages that you display on your ecommerce stores, such as delivery timelines or customer support responses. Also, if you come across customers who might be angry or agitated during these times, it is important to be the bigger and better person. Remember that you have a good team working with you, so encourage them and help them to understand the importance of their role.

If you are an experienced senior marketer from a brand, agency or tech company willing to share your marketing secrets and would like to contribute to the Masters of Marketing series, click here to get in touch.


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