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[Masters of Marketing] Reducing Marketing Costs Without Losing Effectiveness

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Masters of Marketing is a weekly video series featuring senior marketers from brands, tech companies and agencies sharing their ideas, industry trends, best practices and tips.

In honour of International Women's Day and the women who have contributed to our research and community-building efforts, every senior marketer we feature this month will be women.

With companies looking to cut marketing costs these days, it will be even more important to focus on marketing effectiveness, ROI-driven growth by optimising investment allocation.

Evangeline Leong, CEO & Founder of Kobe Global Technologies shares 3 ideas on how you can reduce marketing costs without losing effectiveness.

Moving face-to-face marketing activities online

While having roadshows and exhibition booths allow you to have the human touch and interact with potential customers, your audience is limited to the foot traffic of the locations you are in. Moving activities online (for example, food demonstrations being done on Facebook Live) would allow you to reach a wider audience who are consuming social media and achieve your marketing goals.

Repurposing old content

Creating a brand new piece of content could incur some cost. However, if you have a piece of content that performed well and is still relevant, you could consider revisiting the content by either reposting it as is or repurposing it as a blog or a social media ad.


Look at your network, alliances and influencers. Deepen these relationships to build brand advocacy and loyalty.

Sharing content

The more you share your content, you are more likely you are to attract eyeballs and grow your audience. It is a good opportunity to educate your customers about your product. Share valuable content like white papers, checklists or even organise an event where your audience can participate and learn from the experts.

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