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Social Media Trends in Q2 2020

Due to the lockdown & quarantine rules amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people were drawn towards social media. Nearly every industry worldwide saw the impact and the same was reflected in their marketing efforts.

Socialbakers collected and analysed this data to compile a Social Media Trends Report that reveals the state of social media marketing trends in Q2 2020. Allow us to give you a tour of the highlights for a better understanding of the trends in social media.


CPC Hike

Advertising on its peak around the end of Q1 2020 gave rise to CPC(Cost Per Click). Global CPC took to a 55% increase. The biggest turn was taken by Southern Europe, where CPC increased by 94%!

In East Asia, the fall was noticed earlier compared to other regions when the Corona Virus was in its most evil form! As we got closer to the end of Q2 2020, CPC was seen coming back to its normal level.

Best Outcome Ads

Facebook News Feed had the highest relative ad spend (59.7%) & click-through rate (1.85%) in Q2 2020.

Relatively ad spends on Facebook Video Feeds & Facebook Instream Videos were lower & Instagram Feed & Instagram Stories had lower click-through rates.


Facebook vs Instagram Engagement

The total audience size of the 50 biggest brand profiles was 31.2% bigger on Instagram than Facebook in Q2 2020. That’s a significant change from Q2 2019, when Facebook’s audience size was still slightly larger.

Comparing interactions and communication, Instagram has seen 18.7x more interactions in comparison to Facebook, while 70.7% of all brand posts were on Facebook.

Distribution of Post Types

Images made up 69% of all content on both platforms.

Video was the second most common post type (17.5%) on Facebook, followed by links and status updates. Facebook Live videos were only 1% of posts but it actually garnered the highest number of organic post interactions (see next chart).

Interactions through different mediums

Facebook Live was the most engaging format on the platform with 28 median post interactions. Images (18) and regular video (17) had the next highest amount of interactions on Facebook.

Carousel was the most engaging format with 150.5 median post interactions on Instagram. Carousel posts, which can contain both images and videos, have consistently outperformed image and video and this was the highest engagement it achieved over the last 15 months.


Talking about social media, how can we forget about the platform which gives rise to most of the news from all around the world? You’ll be surprised to know that it has been observed that Twitter has the highest percentage of videos compared to other platforms!

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