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The Basics of Drip Marketing and Why You Need to Set Up Lead Nurturing Today

Drip campaigns may produce 50 percent more sales-ready leads through frequent contact with consumers. Companies that do well with drip campaigns achieve 80% greater sales at a 33% lower cost. After using drip campaigns to nurture leads, businesses have seen a 20% boost in revenue.

Drip marketing is when a predetermined number of emails are sent to your audience automatically at a specified time based on actions they perform or changes in their status. Businesses utilize drip marketing to stay connected with customers, build trust and attention, promote their products, and generate sales.

Drip marketing is an integral part of lead nurturing, which means that you are continually progressing your sales leads through different phases of buying decisions to help them become customers. This process typically starts when someone first gets in touch with you by filling out the contact form on your website, emailing you, or calling you.

Benefits of Drip Marketing

By continually messaging the leads with helpful content, you build trust and show that the brand cares about their needs. You can also use this time to cross-sell related products or services that they might need in the future. Many businesses also see an increase in conversions when using drip marketing because of its low cost and high rate of return.

It's important to remember that drip marketing does not replace face-to-face communication with customers or phone interactions where you can truly engage them one-on-one.

How Does Drip Marketing Work?

Drip marketing runs on automation, which means it moves forward with little interaction from the business owner. Once your audience signs up on your website, they are automatically sent several messages according to your predetermined plan. This can be any combination of automated email messages, text messages, or social media posts that you determine based on their actions or requests.

For example, suppose an individual subscribes to the blog updates by submitting their name and email address to receive helpful articles and promotions from your business. In that case, they might also receive a newsletter that provides them with discounts, product recommendations, and other relevant industry content. So even though they signed up for just one aspect of your marketing strategy, they will still get messages about different aspects because drip marketing moves people through different phases at the right time for them to eventually become leads and customers.

Use Cases of a Drip Marketing Campaign

Holiday drip marketing campaign

A holiday drip marketing campaign is the best way to improve your business during Christmas, Black Friday, and other similar events. The purpose of these campaigns is to increase your customer engagement and bring back old customers who didn't buy anything from you this year.

You can create a holiday-specific drip marketing campaign that includes helpful resources and promotions just in time for the holiday season. For example, you could send them tips on properly wrapping their gifts or discounts on popular holiday items they might need.

Cart abandonment emails

With today's technology, it's simple to discover individuals who have abandoned their carts. As per a study, about 81% of the carts get abandoned for various reasons. They didn't buy anything they truly wanted, whether it was because of something that diverted them or because they fought the urge to buy. Either way, you still have the opportunity to convert them into a customer.

By using a drip marketing campaign, you can send re-engagement emails on specific dates or times of day when people are more likely to make purchasing decisions. This is a great way to get them back to finish shopping on your site while showing them more relevant products they might be interested in within your email.

Welcome email

Welcome emails have a 91% open rate, which is one of the highest. They are sent when someone first subscribes to your email list - it's important to make a positive impression.

A good practice is sending welcome messages to them in the following days after they subscribe. These messages should contain helpful content that will capture their attention and get them excited about your brand.

You can set up drip marketing campaigns to send these messages so that once someone joins the email list, they will immediately get forwarded into an automated sequence that builds trust with them while introducing them to other aspects of your business or industry. By providing helpful advice and information instead of sales pitches, you are certain to keep subscribers engaged until you are ready to make a move toward actually selling something.


Drip marketing campaigns are beneficial for small businesses. You can set them up yourself using a queue of messages that will continue to send automatically. With the use of automation software, drip marketing is an excellent way to stay in contact with your customers while also providing beneficial information instead of only relying on sales pitches.


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