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The Dos and Don’ts of TikTok for Small Business

Small businesses need to use social media platforms like TikTok to engage with customers, increase brand recognition, and boost sales. With more than 1 billion active users per month, TikTok has gained popularity. Businesses need to understand how to use the platform effectively, follow the dos and don'ts, and use it to reach new audiences, market products and services in inventive ways, and boost their bottom line.

So, for small businesses employing TikTok, these are the essential dos and don'ts.

Do: Use Relevant Hashtags to Increase Discoverability

Use relevant hashtags to increase your TikTok visibility and discoverability. Branded hashtags, like #AcmeProducts or #BuyAcme, make it easier for people to locate your profile and content online. Popular hashtags like #smallbusiness or #entrepreneur might help people find your material. But only use them into your text if they are pertinent.

When using hashtags that are prohibited or offensive, keep in mind that they may encourage offensive or unlawful material and result in the suspension of your account. Prioritize meaningful hashtags over generic ones because too many might come out as spammy and have no effect on your results.

For each TikTok post, pick 3 to 6 relevant, high-quality hashtags, making sure to include your brand's name, its products, the sector you work in, and any hot topics. You can easily enhance your results by avoiding excessive hashtag usage.

Don't: Ignore Video Quality - Invest in Good Lighting and Gear

For small businesses, spending money on top-notch TikTok content is essential since it symbolizes their brand.

For small businesses, spending money on top-notch TikTok content is essential since it symbolizes their brand. A clear and professional video requires proper lighting, which may be achieved using affordable ring lights or natural light. Use a tripod in its place if purchasing a camera would be out of your price range. Replace your phone's internal microphone with an external one for audio that is of great quality. Making use of modern editing programmes like iMovie, Adobe Premiere Clip, or Splice may raise the calibre and engagement of your work.

By making an investment in these areas, your TikTok content will seem polished and professional, leaving a fantastic first impression on viewers and potential consumers.

Do: Engage with Your Audience - Duet, Stitch, and Go Live

Brands may interact with their audience on TikTok to increase brand recognition and adherence. These companies may take advantage of a variety of social media capabilities to boost engagement.

  • Duets let users make films that play side-by-side with other users, boosting visibility and interaction.

  • By cutting and pasting segments of other films into their own, companies may increase visibility and interaction.

  • Brands may live broadcast to their fans via LIVE videos, creating a sense of proximity and connection.

  • Responding to messages and comments, especially on more recent videos, demonstrates to consumers that the company values their input and attention.

Brands may differentiate themselves from inactive content producers on TikTok by actively interacting with their audience. Creating genuine connections with your audience may enhance traffic, brand recognition, and conversion rates.

Don't: Just Repurpose Other Platform Content - Tailor Videos for TikTok

Gen Z and younger millennials, who make up the majority of TikTok's viewership, with 37.3% using the social media platform at least once per month, seek short-form video content that is both extremely engaging and entertaining.

Repurposing lengthier films from YouTube or IGTV won't have an impact and can be bad for your company. Think about mixing popular TikTok videos, such as dancing videos, comedy skits, response videos, and duets, into your short-form material to produce something comparable. Maintain a consistent posting schedule, aiming for two to three brief films each week, and pay attention to popular hashtags, noises, and effects. Like and comment on other users' videos to interact with your audience.

Practice will help you produce entertaining, original material for TikTok instead of copying it from other platforms. By publishing videos made especially for TikTok followers, you may build brand loyalty and attract new clients, and your efforts will be rewarded with views, likes, and shares.

Do: Post Consistently - At Least Once Per Day for Best Results

Small businesses should post regularly and consistently on TikTok to thrive, aiming for at least one post per day to stay active and build awareness. Plan your postings in advance and concentrate on producing short-form material like behind-the-scenes videos, fast advice, tales, reels, and duets.

If you want to appeal to the TikTok audience, mix in longer, higher-quality videos as you get into the habit. Engage your fans in discussion in the comments by reacting to their messages, like and commenting on their videos, and creating sincere dialogue. Make your work more discoverable by using trending music and hashtags. You can also locate popular aspects to use in your films by looking at trends on the For You page and the Discover tab. Your small business will grow an engaged audience on TikTok by adhering to these best practices.

Final Thoughts

TikTok gives small businesses the chance to interact with new consumers and increase brand recognition. To use the platform properly, though, takes time and practice. Instead of trying to sell, concentrate on providing interesting content, communicating with followers, and working with influencers. TikTok truly is a useful tool for your social media marketing plan. The secret is to just enjoy yourself and be who you truly are. So, if you are genuinely interested in learning about the dos and don’ts of TikTok for your small business, all you need is Clickacademy Asia.

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