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Three Fashion Brands That Successfully Leveraged Pinterest to Boost Their Brand Awareness

The fashion industry is anticipated to reach $664,474M in 2020 and then demonstrate an annual growth rate of 9.4% to rake up $953,049M by 2024.

While the prospects for the fashion industry look exceptionally bright, it can be difficult to distinguish your brand from the pack in a place that’s as crowded as the fashion industry. What you, therefore, need is some top-notch marketing to compliment your brand.

If done in the right way, fashion digital marketing can boost your target audience’s familiarity with your product, enhance their purchase consideration, get them to buy your products, and eventually turn them into your brand ambassadors.

However, marketing for a fashion brand is done best when done on the right platform, which was done by these following fashion brands that collaborated with Pinterest to give their brand the facelift that they needed to thrive in this highly competitive industry.

1. Ted Baker

Popular UK fashion brand, Ted Baker, wanted to position themselves as a key bridal wear brand in the UK for which they wanted to introduce their collection by appearing at the discovery phase, which is the most crucial time in wedding planning.

Their Objectives

To cement their position as an important bridal wear brand, Ted Baker wanted to create a unique experience across stores and digital channels, which would help them drive traffic to the Knot collection on and encourage people to sign up for in-store consultations on wedding wear.

Approach & Solution

Since weddings are one of the most searched topics on Pinterest, Ted Baker decided to team up with Pinterest.

They first outlined the customer’s entire buying journey from discovery to purchase to identify the best touch points throughout the exercise. People who looked up wedding-related stuff on Pinterest saw Promoted Pins and wedding-inspired boards from Ted Baker.

Editorial Pin content and boards- Wed with Ted- were created for both brides and grooms, which provided them with useful ideas on how they could pair their dresses, shoes, and accessories. These also included suggestions on skincare regimen.

They included a link to the Pinterest boards in one of their newsletter so that more people would know about the campaign. Also, the Ted Baker team used keyword and interest targeting to ensure that people see their content when they look for wedding and bridal inspiration. Moreover, they placed a Pin at the end of each Board to drive people to click through and book a complimentary in-store consultation.

The Result

The Wed with Ted campaign resulted in over 400 in-store wedding consultations and more than 800 visits to the Tie the Knot collection on Both, click through rate and engagement rate on Pinterest were significantly higher than the average performance on other digital platforms.

The Pinterest analytics helped the brand identify the most popular content of the campaign and ascertain where exactly prospective clients lost interest and dropped off. However, the appointment-booking Pin was the highlight of the campaign, driving the highest number of visits to the website.

From the sales point of view, Ted Baker’s ‘Style the Look’ Pins that paired dresses with matching handbags and shoes, and suits with shirts and ties, led to the highest number of purchases.

2. Hunter

Popular British fashion brand, Hunter, launched their Core Concept collection in 2016, which celebrated the fun side of rain and showcased how rain can be an opportunity for play.

Their Objectives

Hunter wanted to promote its rain collection by executing a creative launch to boost awareness and purchase consideration, especially among women between the age of 18-40.

Approach & Solution

After partnering with Pinterest, which hosts a large following of people interested in style and fashion, Hunter decided to use Promoted Video. By combining the feature video, interactive preview, and static Pins in one ad unit, Hunter could present an emotional narrative, while driving tactical action at the same time.

Hunter came up with two Core Concept video campaigns- a 32-second video showcasing the entire collection and a 10-second video focusing on a yellow coat. The featured Pin carousel below each video further highlighted the specific products that Hunter wanted its audience to focus upon.

These Pins were linked to Hunter’s online store, making it easy for Pinners to shop the collection instantly.

The Result

Hunter’s Promoted Videos drew significant traffic to their online store and resulted in a 30% rise in branded searches on Pinterest. As Pinners also saved the videos to their personal boards, it expanded the campaign’s outreach and delivered a 10% earned media rate for Hunter.

The Pinners viewed 47% of each video on average. As Core Concept is sold throughout the year, Promoted Videos would continue delivering traffic and sales for Pinterest as more Pinners learn about their ads.

Also, the Hunter team found some interesting insights. For instance, they discovered that the 10-second video outperformed the 32-second video and brought in 3X higher completion. The yellow coat static Pin below the shorter video also fetched 60% higher click through rate than other Pins in the campaign.


One of Japan’s top fashion apps, WEAR, wanted to team up with Pinterest to build some excitement around the app’s new “public folder” feature, which also integrates with Pinterest.

Their Objectives

WEAR had a clear objective of spreading more style and fashion-related content in order to reach a wider audience, which would help it create traction for its new “public folder”.

Approach & Solution

Since the new feature was integrated with Pinterest, allowing people to save their favorite styles, partnering with Pinterest was an obvious decision.

The WEAR team set up the Pinterest API to generate boards and Pins automatically when people created public folders and added styles to them from the WEAR app. WEAR and Pinterest also launched a co-marketing campaign that featured a special competition for the best themed boards in men’s, women’s, and children’s fashion categories.

Participating in this competition required people to create a public folder in the WEAR app. Then, they had to save their style ideas to this folder, which added Pins to their Pinterest board.

The highlight of the campaign were the six fashion influencers, called WEARISTAS, whom WEAR and Pinterest featured on their landing page and Explore tab, respectively. While WEAR ran Home page banner ads and email notifications, Pinterest promoted the campaign via email, blog, and social media.

The Result

The campaign was quite successful, and the traffic from Pinterest to WEAR jumped by 118% in just ten weeks. Also, Pins that featured WEAR content grew by 24X and the number of boards increased 19X.

So, What’s Your Success Mantra?

If you’re yet to figure it out, just focus on the basics. If your fashion brand features a variety of clothing items, it would be worthwhile to put together a style guide for your site so that your subscribers and visitors can find ideas on how to incorporate your clothing into their existing wardrobe. Also, maintain constant engagement with your target audience. Moreover, don’t just stick to one platform but run cross-channel campaigns to maximize its impact.



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