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Three Fast-Food Brands Whose Brand Awareness Surged with Pinterest

The global fast-food industry generated a revenue of $647.7 billion in 2019. It is further estimated to grow at a CAGR of 4.6% over the next decade and hit a market capitalization of $931.7 billion by 2027.

The fast-food industry generated a whopping $200 billion in 2015 in the United States alone, which was worth a lot more than its 1970 revenue of $6 billion.

It is clear that regardless of how the fast-food culture is perceived by most people, especially parents, the industry is thriving and despite a few hiccups here and there, has mostly grown at a tremendous pace.

But in a market that is so crowded, carving out space for yourself can be a rather tricky task. Add to it all the negative health-related notions, and brands could have a real tough time selling their products.

That’s why brands need to consistently come up with unique ideas to keep themselves at the top of the minds of potential customers- something that these three fast-food brands understood quite well and joined hands with Pinterest.

1. Cadbury

As Cadbury had become quite popular because of its classic chocolate taste, it wanted to try its luck by introducing its taste in a milkshake.

Their Objectives

Cadbury sought to drive brand awareness to its about to be launched milkshake and create enough traction before it was ultimately out in the market.

Approach & Solution

Since Cadbury knew that Pinterest hosted a lot of content related to food and drinks, it decided to team up with the platform to give its product a head start.

Cadbury used Video Pins to connect with its core audience and inform them about their new milkshake mix. They partnered with a creative agency, VCCP, to produce a vibrant creative that combined the nostalgia of traditional milkshake cues and appetizing product imagery with the iconic Cadbury branding.

The video showed how easy and simple it is to prepare a milkshake with Choc’Shake. Also, since it was of optimal length, it engaged Pinners without demanding too much of their time. Moreover, using keyword targeting helped Cadbury connect with the right audience.

The Result

The Pinterest campaign was highly successful for Cadbury with its video achieving a completion rate of more than 64%, which was higher than Pinterest’s benchmarks. Also, the engagement rate for the video was 134% higher than Pinterest’s benchmarks.

2. DiGiorno

In 2019, the bake-at-home pizza brand, DiGiorno, wanted to reinforce their better-than-delivery messaging.

Their Objectives

Their primary objective was to drive their brand awareness by underpinning the fun associated with home-baked pizza.

Approach & Solution

DiGiorno used a Promoted Video Pin that showed people waiting for delivery in the top half of the Pin and a crispy DiGiorno pan pizza in the bottom half of the Pin. The Ad then showed them trying to reach through to the bottom half to get their hands on the DiGiorno pizza.

To make sure that they reached the right audience, DiGiorno used interests and purchase-based targeting. Also, they retargeted interested individuals to follow up on them.

The Result

The Promoted Video Pin delivered impressive results for DiGiorno pizza. They ran the Pin for two months during which it generated a 7% lift in Pin awareness and a 2% increase in purchase consideration. Also, the campaign delivered 25 million unique impressions with a 3x frequency.

3. Old El Paso

Old El Paso was about to launch its new product, Stand ‘N Stuff Hint of Lime taco shells, for which it sought to drive brand awareness.

Their Objectives

Their primary objective was to increase brand awareness around their latest product and subsequently enhance purchase intent for the same.

Approach & Solution

Since people look up to Instagram for food inspiration, Old El Paso decided to team up with the platform to leverage its potential.

Old El Paso developed a series of Pins to put the spotlight on the shells, which was a departure from the recipe content that they had been running. The Pins featured images, standard video, and max-width video, which brought out the bright colours and fresh flavours, clearly standing out in the feeds.

Also, they used keyword and interest targeting to reach the right audience.

The Result

The Pinterest campaign led to a 2% increase in Old El Paso’s aided brand awareness. Also, it brought about a 3% boost in purchase intent, as well as, a 4% increase in Pin awareness.

The max-width video alone resulted in an impressive 7% lift in aided brand awareness and a whopping 10% boost in consideration intent.

Wrapping Up

Ensuring that the creative content is relevant and entertaining to your target audience can lead to high performance among Pinners. Also, the use of branded elements within your creative assets can be a great way of driving brand awareness. If you are using Video Pins, make sure that they are of optimal length and try adding a fun twist to them to engage Pinners as they scroll down through their feed.


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