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Three Impressive Brand Awareness Pinterest Campaigns by Home Decor Brands

The home decor industry is expected to generate a revenue of $204,407M in 2020 and thereafter, grow at an annual growth rate of 7.8% between 2020 and 2024.

As a late bloomer, these statistics are quite impressive for the home decor industry. However, the lack of adequate online presence of most home decor brands in the current digital era has resulted in a handful of big companies taking over the entire sector, leaving little to no space for other brands to survive.

Therefore, home decor brands need to ramp up their digital game and leverage marketing channels like Pinterest, as was done by these three following home decor brands to send their message across to potential customers.

1. Easy Argentina

Argentina’s number one home-improvement retailer, Easy, wanted to project themselves as Argentina’s most inspiring source for home decoration ideas on Pinterest.

Their Objectives

Easy’s primary focus was to showcase its products in a way that could drive awareness around the wide variety of products that they carried. Also, they wanted to bring more people to their website.

Approach & Solution

Easy’s decision to team up with Pinterest was based on their knowledge of the fact that Pinterest was a highly sought out platform for the Home Decor category.

Easy began by saving Pins to its boards every day. These Pins featured clean and professional photos of their products. Also, they had descriptions that provided ideas on how to use them.

Easy also used Product Pins, which included real-time pricing, availability, and information regarding where they can be purchased. These Pins were directly linked to Easy’s site, thereby bringing referral traffic. They also organized their boards according to different product categories like textiles, furniture, etc.

To ensure that their visitors found them on Pinterest, they added a ‘Follow us on Pinterest’ button to their web and mobile sites. They also added the Save button to their product pages, which made it easier for people to save product ideas directly to Pinterest.

They used Pinterest Analytics to ascertain the most popular Pins and adjust their strategy accordingly. This also helped them identify the upcoming trends in home decor styles.

The Result

The Pinterest campaign helped Easy connect with its target audience on Pinterest, which was largely made up of people interested in DIY and home decor ideas. Such was Easy’s popularity on Pinterest that when Easy’s board for children’s room decorating ideas appeared on Pinterest, their impressions reached 5X their previous rate. Also, the referral traffic to their website grew significantly.

2. Hillarys

Hillarys learned that most of their customers use Pinterest to find information about products and styles before making a purchase. So they decided to amplify their presence on Pinterest.

Their Objectives

Hillarys wanted to boost its traffic and visibility by reaching out to Pinners at the very initial stage of their product purchase and position themselves as an expert resource.

Approach & Solution

Hillarys used four major tactics to reach out to their potential customers. Instead of saving Pins of their products, they tried showcasing themselves as a reliable source of inspiration by creating boards that included emerging colours, styles, and trends.

They used Promoted Pins to target relevant Pinners to enhance the quality traffic that was being directed to their site. Also, they worked closely with Pinterest and brought onboard influencers like Jen Stanbrook and Cate St Hill to augment the impact of their message.

Moreover, they started featuring badges like “Popular on Pinterest” to highlight the most popular Pins to drive point-of-sale conversions. They used Pinterest Analytics to get regular updates about the performance of their Pins.

The Result

The Pinterest campaign was highly successful for Hillarys. The Promoted Pin campaign drove an increase of 53% in Hillarys’ traffic and an increase of 11x in appointment bookings. Also, Pinterest accounted for a 6x increase in Hillarys’ traffic. The campaign also resulted in high-quality referrals.

3. Purple Mattress

Purple Mattress sought to stand out in the highly crowded and competitive online mattress space.

Their Objectives

Their main objective was to drive brand awareness and traffic to their website, subsequently leading to enhanced sales.

Approach & Solution

As Purple Mattress wanted to reach out to a new audience, they decided to join hands with Pinterest as people are 44% more likely to buy home decor products on Pinterest. Also, they tend to spend 27% more than people who don’t use Pinterest for home decor ideas.

Purple deployed various Promoted Video and Promoted Pins to boost its brand awareness. Their Promoted Video included their popular ‘Comfort Science with Billy’ video, which provides the users with insights into the technology behind Purple Mattresses and demonstrates how they can do a better job at supporting the spine and cradling the pressure points.

Their Promoted Pins showed messaging on how to have happy and healthy dreams. Purple also deployed different strategies to target different audiences. They first leveraged Pinterest’s Audience Insights tool to find more information about people who had previously bought mattresses from them.

After getting the details, they used this data to develop creative and targeting strategies. This helped them create better content and appeal to new audiences.

The Result

The Pinterest campaign worked wonders for Purple and resulted in a 34% drop in cost per click in the first four months of the year. As more people continue saving their Pins, their sales have also seen an upsurge.

Bottom Line

Working in close collaboration with Pinterest can help your brand gather valuable insights into your target audience’s purchase patterns, which will help you develop an effective targeting strategy. Also, brands should be ready to test a variety of creative images so that they can target relevant audiences more effectively. Ultimately, successful Pinterest campaigns are all about how well brands can use their unique brand identity to tell their story on Pinterest and connect with their audience.

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