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Three Media Companies That Perfected the Brand Awareness Game with Pinterest

Publisher spending on paid Facebook distributions during the first nine months of 2019 went up by 150% compared to the same period in 2018. Also, the number of platforms that media and publishing companies are investing in has increased significantly.

It is because the stakes for media and publishing organizations are higher than ever before. With such fierce competition out there, most media houses find themselves constrained to figure out newer ways to stand from the crowd and come up with out-of-the-box solutions to drive their brand awareness.

However, the silver lining is that there is no dearth of media and publishing companies that have boosted their brand awareness and given their brand the facelift they needed to stay relevant with their subscribers.

So, here are three organizations from the media and publishing industry that teamed up with Pinterest for increased brand awareness and better reach.

1. Cultura Colectiva

Like any other media organization, the Mexico-based digital media publisher, Cultura Colectiva, was looking for ways to increase its readership globally and acquire new traffic.

Their Objectives

Cultura Colectiva wanted to enhance the organic traffic to their site and diversify their traffic sources beyond Facebook. Also, they wanted to augment their engagement with a specific audience that was interested in street-style fashion trends.

Approach & Solution

As Pinterest has over 200 million active users around the world, it was the ideal partner for Cultura Collectiva. Also, Mexican Pinterest users save 4 million Pins a day and more than 20 million fashion Pins a month.

The Pinterest campaign saw Cultura Colectiva use various products. Firstly, they installed the Save button on their site to make it easier for their new and existing users to save their content. As the Save button adds the red Pinterest logo button to every article, it encourages the readers to save more Pins to their boards.

Cultura Colectiva created article Pins for their own boards. These were a type of Rich Pin that showed the author, headline, and story description on the Pin itself. These help the Pinners know the source of the articles, which subsequently boost brand awareness for the site.

After they had increased activity on their website and Pinterest boards, Cultura Colectiva came to know Pinterest was most effective for the planning and creation of editorial content. Pinterest Analytics makes it apparent what kind of content performs the best. Cultura Colectiva used this data to plan their future articles.

By saving new Pins every day and checking Pinterest Analytics to find out what fetched the most number of clicks and saves, the editorial team also leveraged engagement statistics to optimize visuals and copy for Pins for the following day.

The Result

The Pinterest campaign significantly enhanced Cultura Colectiva’s global outreach and drove more readers to its website. The article Pins also increased the organic traffic to their site by 4X year on year.

However, the highlight of the Pinterest campaign was the 912.73% increase in average daily impressions on the site, accompanied by the 897.13% rise in daily viewers between June 2016 to November 2017.

2. Food Network Brazil

Pay TV Channel, Food Network Brazil, wanted to tap on to a highly mature market of foodies who sought to explore the foods and cultures of Brazil and other countries around the world.

Their Objectives

Food Network Brazil wanted to connect with foodies who are always on the lookout for new trends, ingredients, recipes, restaurants, and chefs and stake a claim for itself. Subsequently, they aimed to boost their brand awareness and increase their website traffic.

Approach & Solution

Food is the largest category on Pinterest. Also, Pinterest is highly popular in Brazil with an average of 5.1 million ideas saved on Pinterest 19 million unique visitors from the country every month. Therefore, partnering with Pinterest was an obvious decision.

Food Network Brazil decided to encourage traffic both ways i.e. from Pinterest to their website and from their website to Pinterest. Also, they introduced the Save button on their site to drive their visitors to save content to Pinterest.

Food Network Brazil then set up Pinterest boards and used Rich Pins containing additional detail to promote their content on Pinterest. Also, they referred to the best Pin creation practices, to make sure that their Pins not only works well but looks great too.

Pinterest Analytics further helped Food Network Brazil ramp up their strategy as the campaign picked momentum. The team could now see the most popular recipes. Also, they could know what the data said about people’s inclination for food-related content.

Most importantly, they now had a way to know which website content was most pinned by the people. This detail allowed Food Network Brazil to give its audience more of what they liked.

The Result

Food Network Brazil’s Pinterest campaign was a tremendous success, which resulted in a 5.8X growth in their Pinterest profile year-on-year growth from 2016 to 2017. The results revealed that people who regularly saved their recipes saved multiple Pins every day.

Moreover, the organic referral traffic from Pinterest on Food Network Brazil’s site grew 2.7X in 2017 compared to 2016. Only five months after launching their new Pin content strategy, their website saw a 5X year-on-year increase in impressions from 2016 to 2017.

3. Media Partisans

Popular German media company, Media Partisans, wanted to increase their brand awareness and boost traffic to their website.

Their Objectives

While increasing their brand awareness and traffic website were at the top of their agenda, Media Partisans also sought to create a two-way traffic channel i.e from Pinterest to their site and their site to Pinterest.

Approach & Solution

Realizing Pinterest’s potential to reach a large audience with precise targeting, Media Partisans decided to join hands with Pinterest.

Their Pinterest campaign kicked off with the addition of a Save button to their site. They also introduced a social sharing bar to all their content to ensure that people could save content from their mobile devices easily.

The next step was following best Pinterest practices, such as including branding, adding text overlay to convey their main message, using vertical images, etc. also, they used Article Pins. Also, they used Article Pins, which is a type of Rich Pin that consists of the story description and the article’s headline and author.

Media Partisans’ team saved content to each of their twenty global Pinterest profiles. They also encouraged their Facebook audience to save content for later, with a call-out on every post, thereby driving traffic to their Pinterest profiles.

The Result

The traffic on Media Partisans’ websites from Pinterest grew 9X between January 2018 to June 2018, making up for 35% of their overall traffic. They also observed that Pinners return to Media Partisans’ sites at least 50% more often than referrals from other networks.

Also, their Pinterest follower base increased 4X after they promoted their Pinterest profiles on Facebook for three months.

So, What’s Your Strategy for Augmenting Your Media Company’s Brand Awareness?

Try finding out what your targeted segment really wants to see. Merely curating content that is somewhat similar to their taste won’t cut it for you. Use Analytics to find out what they specifically like and the kind of content that is most viewed, saved, and shared by them. That’s how you have got to start!



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