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Top 6 Social Media Post Ideas for International Women’s Day

Women’s day is fast approaching, and it’s time we let them know how much we appreciate them. Every year on March 8th, Women’s Day is observed, and it’s a noteworthy celebration. Women’s day is a day to reflect on the progress women have made and to focus on how much further we still have to go.

It is one of the most frequently celebrated days in which women are acknowledged for who they are. The day celebrates their liberation and progress towards equal rights. As a brand, you can join in this celebration by sharing posts that resonate with your audience.

Show your support for women and their accomplishments by sharing one of these social media post ideas:

Highlight a Woman Who Has Inspired You

From Rosa Parks to Oprah Winfrey, countless women have inspired us throughout history and made an impact in the world. Share a post/story about one of your heroes or a woman who has inspired you in some way - explaining why she means so much to you. Use this post to encourage your followers to share the women who have inspired them to create more engagement on your post.

Raise Awareness About Women in Your Industry

International Women’s Day is a great chance for you and your company to tell the contribution of female innovators in your business and raise awareness of their significance. Many women have helped create the world we live in today, yet they are frequently overlooked or only mentioned in passing. Use your social media platforms as a source of inspiration, a place that pays homage to the pioneers and enables your followers to learn something new.

Publish a Female Staff Interview

Women’s day is the perfect time to showcase your company’s female employees. Consider publishing a staff interview with one of the female employees. This can help humanize your brand and show that you celebrate and support women in all aspects of the business. You can also publish a blog post or article highlighting the accomplishments of women in your industry.

Share a Women’s Day Quote

Quotes are also a great way to inspire and engage your followers on social media. For Women’s Day, consider sharing quotes that celebrate women and their accomplishments. There are plenty of inspiring quotes out there from powerful women, so find one that resonates with you and share it on your social media channels.

Brand’s quotations should give some of your female followers the encouragement they need to pursue their own objectives, which will always be grateful for your company!

Promote a Women’s Day Sale or Giveaway

Women’s day is the perfect opportunity to run a special sale or giveaway for your female customers. Show your appreciation for their support by offering them a special discount or free product on the purchase of a specific product. You can also use this post to promote products designed specifically for women.

Share Stories of Women Entrepreneurs

Women’s day is the perfect opportunity to share the stories of women who have started their own businesses. These women are often overlooked, but they are a powerful example of what can be achieved when you put your mind to it. Share the story of one such woman and explain how she overcame the challenges she faced. You can also use this post to provide advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs.


In many industries, women are still underrepresented. Use your Women’s Day social media post as an opportunity to raise awareness about the women in your industry who are making a difference.

Although great strides have been made, we still have a long way to go regarding gender equality. Use your social media platforms as a tool to raise awareness and inspire change. Show your support for women and their accomplishments by sharing posts that resonate with your audience.


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