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Top YouTube Ads People Watched in APAC, July 2020

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The pandemic has changed the way we all live. In response, brands are finding new ways to remain relevant in their messaging and react to evolving consumer needs.

July’s Ads Leaderboard, provided by Google, saw Japanese actress Nana Mori voice a raw, unedited and genuinely uplifting rendition of “Let’s always smile” to encourage viewers in an Otsuka Pharmaceutical ad. Meanwhile, Dove Pakistan produced a weekly wellness series to drive home the importance of self-care. Production value can take a backseat in today’s context, giving way to relevance and authenticity, as brands find real moments to connect and inspire.

Menulog - “Did Somebody Say Menulog” gets the Snoop Dogg treatment Menulog ANZ

恒生全新SimplyFund HK$1開始投資基金!

Hang Seng Bank Hong Kong

Ruangguru 6 Tahun #HidupkanMimpimu

Ruangguru Bimbel Online No. 1 Indonesia

#vivoX50Series | Ultra Stable Videos powered by Gimbal Stabilization

Vivo India

オロナミンC CM|「スマイル 弾き語り」篇

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Japan

메이플스토리 신규 5차 스킬 업데이트

MapleStory Korea

KFC Rakyat Feast

KFC Malaysia

#LiveAllOut with Alex G and Matthaios

OPPO Philippines

Dove Wellness Weekends - Episode 2

Dove Pakistan

NDP 2020 Theme Song - Everything I Am [Official Music Video]

NDPeeps Singapore

บ้านทรายทอง เวอร์ชั่นบิ๊กซี

Big C Thailand


The Grand Mafia Taiwan

Aba - Đường Chia Hai Nẻo

Aba Detergent Vietnam


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