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Upcoming Webinar: ClickInsights chats with Mobilewalla about data-driven marketing

So much has been said recently about how marketers should be more "data driven" that it's becoming difficult to know what to believe.

For years, marketers have gotten by without relying heavily on data to guide their actions - what has changed now?

Well, a lot has changed, says Mobilewalla Founder and CEO Anindya Datta. There are new marketing industry trends around data, new use cases for data in marketing and new ways that companies can get started on their data-driven marketing journey.

Below is a brief summary of each of these topics, but to truly understand what is driving the adoption of new data strategies in marketing, we encourage you to sign up for our upcoming webinar: Data-driven Marketing Strategies in the New Decade. In it, we will be talking to Anindya about exactly what has changed recently that should convince marketers to embrace data strategies, what they need to do to get started and how to avoid getting caught up in the data-driven marketing hype.

The webinar takes place Monday, 27th July at 10AM SGT / 12PM AEST / 2PM NZST and you can reserve your spot here.

Why are marketers hearing so much about data now?

Marketing has been a distinct discipline for decades, yet in the past few years, practitioners have seemingly become obsessed about data and adopting data-driven marketing strategies. This sudden change has left many wondering whether this new interest in data is just a fad - or has something fundamental changed?

Looking at the marketing landscape, it is clear that there are three key trends which support marketing's interest in harnessing data.

First off, there is an increase in the complexity of customer interactions with brands. Whereas before consumers became familiar with brands via just a few offline touchpoints, now there are many digital touchpoints, as well. Each of these touchpoints generates consumer engagement data and they can all be used to piece together the customer journey - and help marketers improve their overall customer experience.

Consumers, too, are generating more data. As consumers visit touchpoints they are leaving a 'digital trace' which brands can use to build segments of consumers who are more likely to be interested in their products and services.

Finally, companies have rapidly adopted data analytics technology, so marketers have more tools now to help them make sense of all the new data sources available.

What can marketers achieve by becoming more data-driven?

With new touchpoint engagement and consumer data, there are several things marketers can do now that were difficult, if not impossible, to do previously.

These include activities such as:

  • Creating consumer segments which are likely to engage with the brand

  • Identifying high-value customers

  • Retaining "good" customers

  • Attributing value to channels

Each of these could easily fill a blog post on their own, so we encourage you to attend the upcoming webinar to hear more about each topic directly from data-driven marketing expert Anindya Datta.

How should marketers get started with data-driven marketing?

For those who are convinced that data is the future of marketing, getting started is much easier than you might think.

The first thing marketers need to do is identify their knowledge gaps about their customers. For example, do you know which touchpoints your customers are using and are you able to link them to map the customer journey?

Next, marketers need to identify sources of data which could fill the gaps and understand what they have already - and what they need to do to get the data that they don't have.

Finally, marketers need to become familiar with new high-value data sources which could provide them with new information which would help them with the data-driven marketing activities listed above.

Marketers should, therefore, take data-driven marketing seriously. For those willing to learn why data has become so important recently, the key marketing activities supported by data and how to get started, data-driven marketing strategies have a lot to offer.

Webinar details

So, to find out more - much, much more - sign up for our upcoming webinar: Data-driven Marketing Strategies in the New Decade at 10AM SGT / 12PM AEST / 2PM NZST on Monday, 27th July 2020.

We hope to see you all there!


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