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Video Marketing Trends in 2024 - What the Future Holds?

With the advent of social media platforms, virtual reality, and live streaming, video marketing has quickly changed. It will be completely different from what it is today by 2024 because of new immersive technologies like volumetric video.

The average internet user is expected to view videos online for about 100 minutes a day by 2024. With video at the center of digital marketing for many years to come, the future of video marketing is bright. Video marketers can future proof their tactics and remain ahead of trends by keeping an eye on developing technology and being open to adapting.

So, let's get started!

1) The Rise of Short-form Video Content

Short-form video content (less than 60 seconds) focusing on educating people or establishing an emotional bond will rule the video marketing landscape in 2024. Micro-videos (three to fifteen seconds) are the perfect length for grabbing attention on social media and promoting sharing. Short-form videos receive 2.5 times more engagement than long-form videos. 47% of marketers say short-form videos are more likely to go viral. Standout images, captivating beginnings, compelling messaging, and action-inspiring CTAs are crucial. Businesses may reach a wider audience and increase their exposure by using mobile videos, which are optimized for mobile users with limited attention spans.

2) Live Video and Interactive Elements Take Center Stage

By 2024, video marketing will be dominated by live video and interactive components, with platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Twitch becoming standard. Live content generates 27% more minutes of watch time per viewing than on-demand video. Authentic interactions with companies and influencers may be facilitated via live video, which will increase audience interest and duration of viewing. Internet traffic will continue to be dominated by live video; by 2025, live videos are predicted to account for 25% of all traffic.

3) VR and AR's Growing Influence

In 2024, technologies related to virtual reality and augmented reality will significantly impact video marketing. Statistics indicate that by 2024, the AR market is expected to have grown to a value of over $50 billion. While VR will immerse viewers in virtual environments, AR will allow for personalized, location-based content. These innovations will transform how businesses interact with their target markets by increasing conversion rates and fostering client loyalty.

4) Video Marketing Gets More Personalized and Data-Driven

By 2024, video marketing will be heavily individualized and data-driven, with platforms like Facebook and YouTube selecting content based on user preferences and historical interests. This expert curation will increase engagement rates by 93%. Marketers will use viewer data to optimize videos, adjusting aspects like thumbnails, titles, tags, content, music, and pace. Interactive experiences will also be introduced, allowing viewers to select the scene or viewpoint to view next.

5) AI-generated Videos Will Become More Common

Compared to typical video creation, AI-generated videos—which are made with machine learning, deep learning, and GANs—offer a number of advantages. They are quicker, more reasonably priced, and adaptable to certain company requirements. L'Oreal's virtual beauty lessons and Nike's customized shoe suggestions are two examples. In 2024, artificial intelligence (AI) will be applied in increasingly creative ways as it develops, such as lower manufacturing costs, more efficiency, more customisation, higher interaction, and better personalization.

6) Shoppable Videos Takes its Rise

Shoppable videos, polls, quizzes, and gamification are examples of interactive elements that will improve viewing and increase audience engagement. To reward the most active viewers, brands may provide vouchers, virtual goods, or access to unique content. Immersion video experiences will be possible with virtual and augmented reality, turning video from something you just watch into a real-life experience.

Final Thoughts

Video, social media, and technological changes will all continue to shape consumer choices in 2024, which will mean that video marketing will continue to change. Although there may be a need to test new formats and distribution methods, there are a lot of advantages to consider. Video marketing has a bright future ahead of it; vision and audacity are keys to success!

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