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Why Telegram is Growing in Popularity and Why Should You Use it

With over 500 million users globally, Telegram is an instant messaging service. This application allows its users to combine messaging, sharing files, and making video or voice calls in the most convenient way possible. To give you a better understanding of how quickly Telegram is emerging as a competitor for other social media sites, 1.5 million people join Telegram every day!

Anyone, from a student to a software engineer, can utilize this application to its full potential without being too engrossed. Telegram stands out–– thanks to its emphasis on security, encryption, and an open-source API.

It functions as a messenger service for users, allowing them to communicate with others even without disclosing their telephone numbers. Furthermore, they will have 48 hours to delete or modify communications.

Keeping this in mind, Telegram has seen yearly user growth of more than 40% since its 2013 debut, and its continuous progress has no intention to halt. Let's look at why that is.

Telegram's Rise to Fame

Due to its focus on giving users end-to-end encryption, Telegram is growing by leaps and bounds. In many ways, Telegram was successful right away, and by October 2013, it had amassed 100,000 subscribers; just a few months after its August 2013 launch. All of this served as an excellent catalyst for this application.

Fun supplementary features are another benefit of this app. In texting, users can use stickers for a healthy conversation.

In addition, Telegram's initial group member limit was 200. The amount eventually reached 5000. Up to 200,000 people can now join a Telegram group. On top of that, the app is faster, more secure, and has a generous limit regarding the size of shared files, which we are getting into next.

Telegram offers limitless storage, so users may effortlessly upload all of their documents, media files, and text messages to their cloud, or as they call it, the Telegram Cloud. For a chat app, the 2 GB individual file restriction is a significant amount of data. It has been a magnet for individuals only because of Unlimited Storage.

By utilizing Data Encryption, Two-Step verifications, and security audits, Telegram Cloud adheres to proper security standards. With Telegram Cloud, your data is in safe hands!

Benefits of Using Telegram

Telegram is an easy-to-use chat platform that enables its users to get hold of media files so they may download them for nothing. Additionally, it offers a few international groups with a maximum membership of 200,000. Cross-platform connectivity, configurable bots, and extensive personalization are all associated with this app.

If these are not enough reasons to make you want to download Telegram, we have a little more to add.

You may customize Telegram by selecting the app color, how links get opened, whether or not animations get displayed in the UI and other choices that are not available in many of its competitors. Even better, you can use the app’s API to build your styles and bots. With time, Telegram has developed a sizable bot community that gives the software much more utility.

Additionally, forwarding messages or taking screenshots are not permitted in secret chats. Self-destruct timers are another option that enhances it if you think the receiver can use another method to access your chat. When a message gets sent, it stays for a specified time before deleting. You may select durations between one second and one week. When the timer expires, the messages will get automatically erased. It might not be possible to hack at all.

Final Words

Telegram provides a decent balance between security and popularity. It has been fiercely rivaling the other social media platform giants. But, because of its eye-catching characteristics, it might be challenging for users to choose which network is better.

However, the features of this free software are more than enough to keep consumers captivated. In light of this, Telegram has grown substantially throughout the years and looks like it will continue to do so!


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