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Would the World Choose AI Over Copywriter and Content Writers?

With the latest technologies and advancements, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been gaining a lot of popularity. There is no hiding the fact that AI has already been replacing many kinds of jobs that were once solely based on human interactions, and the world loves the new change. Therefore, assuming that AI would not affect copywriters and content writers would be an understatement.

Still, the question remains to what extent these jobs would be affected by Artificial Intelligence? Read to learn more about it!

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the capability of machines such as computer systems to simulate human intelligence processes to do work similar to what humans can and have been doing. AI works by taking in large amounts of assembled data, analyzing it for co-relations and patterns, and then finally making predictions states. It mainly focuses on learning, reasoning, and self-correction.

Can AI Replace Copywriters?

As great as AI is, it is not possible that it replaces copywriters due to the following reasons.

Not Fully Authentic

AI is not capable enough to create content that is fully authentic and genuine as it cannot incorporate human emotions and feelings into the work.

Search Engine Optimization

AI cannot make the website recognizable by Google on its own, without the help of human assistance.

Unfinished Work

AI cannot edit and proofread the work. It just writes phrases that are incomplete and not up to the standard of a professional writer, therefore, the work looks unfinished and poorly exhibited. Thus, AI cannot replace copywriters.

Can AI Replace Content Writers?

AI can and has been replacing content writers, however, it cannot replace the professionals or great content writers. The main reason behind this is that AI can create sub-standard and amateur content that does not involve any kind of original research of facts and figures, etc. However, AI cannot produce story-based content or content requiring a lot of strategies and techniques, etc. For work that requires a lot of human emotions, real-life experiences, or content that follows a particular story pathway, AI would not be the best choice for many since it has not yet been capable enough to handle and create such pieces of work. For making content like the ones stated above, good and experienced content writers are the only way to go.

General Reasons Why The World Cannot Fully Replace AI With Human Writers

There are several reasons why AI cannot replace a human writer.


AI is a system that can only simulate human intelligence, however, it fails to understand the actual human emotions which is the essence of content writing to give a lively and relatable feel to any topic. AI is incapable of understanding sympathy and empathy, therefore, any content that it creates would lack such important attributes.

Lacks Business Understanding

Many companies are expanding their businesses online and require content writers to produce articles that sell them in the market. AI does not understand the objectives of the business as well as the work at hand. Therefore, as compared to human writers, AI cannot maneuver and manipulate its work in a fashion to bring the audience towards the business.

Incapable Of Original Research And Fact-checks

AI is incapable of carrying out its research and fact-checks. It can produce vague and sometimes false content, which can also cause trouble for the publishers. It can only refer to the publications and research done by human writers previously, which again is of no great value when you want to create original content.

Final Thoughts

AI is an amazing tool, however, it can only make people's life easier when incorporated with human work and not fully replacing it. No matter how great AI development gets, the writers who have absolute finesse in their work cannot be fully replaced by this stimulating technology. Using AI and human assistance would create great content that would also be highly appreciated in the markets.


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