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Year In Search: An Overview of What People Searched for in Hong Kong In 2022

We’re back with another blog on Google 2022 Search Report. While we uncovered some of the most important emerging trends for consumers in Australia & New Zealand in our last blog, today we’ll cover the search trends for consumers in Hong Kong.

Google’s annual Year in Search report consolidates some of the latest consumer trends in APAC, which can help brands gauge what to expect from their existing and potential customers in the current year. The report consists of findings from 12 APAC markets, including Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Australia & New Zealand.

Here are the major findings of the Year in Search report for the Hong Kong market.

1. Cultural Identity

Similar to everywhere else in the world, people in Hong Kong are also seeking to be a part of the global culture. But most importantly, just like Australia and New Zealand, people in Hong Kong are also trying to explore what makes their own traditions unique.

Thus, we observe an increasing complexity of their identities as global citizens and proud denizens. This can be evidenced by the growing searches around “culture” and “museum”, which indicate an increasing affinity toward local traditions in Hong Kong.

2. Personal Identity

People have become more aware of their distinctive identities and are searching with greater specificity. This reflects in a growing number of searches for “unisex perfume” as compared to just “perfume” or “heart shape face hairstyle male” as compared to “male hairstyle”, people’s searches reflect their evolving sense of self.

3. Professional Identity

As people continue to focus on their work life, they’re also expanding their skills with training, looking for more flexible work, and considering striking out on their own.

Also, people are more drawn these days toward work environments that can help them strike a balance between their personal and professional lives. This is exemplified by the growing searches for work-from-home opportunities.

Moreover, the search for an “ideal job” has surpassed all previous records as the search interest for the same has grown by more than 110%.

4. More Focus on Buying Options

As costs continue to increase, people are carefully considering how and when they spend, seizing the right moment for the best deals. Globally, search interest for compared to remains consistently high, and 73% of shoppers in Southeast Asia are shifting budgets from wants to needs.

This becomes apparent from an increasing search interest in the terms containing “value for money”, which means they seek to derive maximum value from their investments.

5. Trusted Brands Trump Everything Else, Except in Hong Kong

As economic concerns loom large, consumer trust has become more critical than ever. However, in Hong Kong, consumers are open to purchasing new brands in the market. Companies can earn brand loyalty by either transforming them into quality brands or brands that understand consumer needs.

The importance of brand trust can be seen in a 20% increase in search interest terms containing “good ratings”.

Bottom Line

As buying behaviors of consumers keep changing, brands must monitor their search interests and promptly adapt to these shifts. These trends indicate what is currently important to consumers in Hong Kong, and marketers must swiftly capitalize on these trends to leverage them to their advantage.

To delve deeper into the findings of the report, download the full report by clicking here.


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