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Year In Search: An Overview of What People Searched for in India In 2022

We’re back with another blog on Google 2022 Search Report. In our previous two blogs, we uncovered how search trends have evolved in Hong Kong and Australia & New Zealand. In our today’s blog, let’s see how the search trends have picked up in India in 2022.

Google’s annual Year in Search report consolidates some of the latest consumer trends in APAC, which can help brands gauge what to expect from their existing and potential customers in the current year. The report consists of findings from 12 APAC markets, including Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Australia & New Zealand.

Here are the major findings of the Year in Search report for the Hong Kong market.

1. Cultural Identity

After three years of uncertainty brought about by COVID-19, Indians have begun to go past merely coping or going with the flow. They’re instead reenvisioning who they can be, on their own terms. Thus, it’s no surprise that they are digging deeper into their local traditions while also connecting with global cultures from home.

This is best reflected in the growing number of searches for both “kpop” and “local guide program”, which grew by 20% and 90%, respectively.

Moreover, the hunt for global recipes saw an 11% rise in search interest, while searches around authentic food grew by 40%.

2. Personal Identity

As was the case in Hong Kong and Australia & New Zealand, the searches for various forms of self-care are on a rise in India too. This is evident from the 43%, 35%, and 31% increase in monthly expenditures on health and fitness, grooming services, and personal care products, respectively in 2022.

Also, while the searches around well-being grew by 10%, self-care-related searches rose by 8%.

3. Professional Identity

While work and home life continue to be a part of the whole, people are increasingly trying to strike a balance between the two. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that 63% of employees in India are looking for a greater work-life balance. Also, Indians are increasingly looking for prospects of working from home with 52% of females and 42% of males valuing the possibility of working from the comfort of their homes.

Also, people in India seem to be becoming more conscious of their value in the job market with search interest in “salary negotiation” increasing by more than 60%.

The uncertainty of the last three years has got Indians looking for better job opportunities, with queries around “career change” seeing a significant rise of 20%. Moreover, Indians are trying to upscale their skills, which is evident from a 30% rise in search interest in “upskill”.

4. Heightened Focus on Purchase Options

Indians are also increasingly weighing their buying options and are looking for maximum value for the money that they spend on any product or service. This is why while the search for “best restaurant” grew by 40%, the search for “cheap flights” and “cheap restaurant” grew by 60% and 50%, respectively.

5. Seeking Greater Economic Literacy

With the global economy in limbo, people are looking for information to increase their financial and economic literacy. They’re learning about everything, from the causes of rising prices and inflation to emerging investment trends, to make decisions that count.

That is precisely why the searches for “inflation rate” grew by 50%. Similarly, the search interest in “fuel price rise” was up by 150%.

Wrapping Up

Across India, searches in 2022 point to how people are trying to stand their ground amid sustained waves of uncertainty. With open minds, quick thinking, and digital savviness, they’re seeking out authentic, fulfilling ways of living, working, and being that suits them, and not simply taking in their stride what life serves them up with.

To delve deeper into the findings of the report, download the full report by clicking here.


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