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YouTube's Most Watched Ads of 2021

While COVID-19 played spoilsport with most people’s plans in 2020, the year 2021 looked promising and this was most evident from the YouTube ads that people saw throughout the year. With COVID vaccinations coming in, the survival instinct in people’s minds took a backseat and they turned towards food and entertainment, with other important things such as privacy gaining center stage. From Michael B. Jordan playing Alexa in Amazon’s Big Game Commercial to movie trailers of Justice League and The Mitchells, people’s favorite ads from 2021 were the ones that celebrated life and focused on how it could be made better every day. So, here is the YouTube Ads 2021 Leaderboard with a compilation of the best ads from the year.

The ranking is determined using some of YouTube's strongest signals of viewer choice, including factors like watch time, views, and mix of paid/organic views.






Creative agency: Media Arts Lab (MAL)

Media agency: OMD

Uber Eats


Creative agency: Sweatpants Media

Media agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

State Farm Insurance

Creative agency: The Marketing Arm (TMA)

Media agency: OMD


Creative agency: PSYOP

Media agency: Initiative


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