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Zynn App, A TikTok Clone With An Amusing Twist

Zynn, a new competitor to TikTok, has gained astonishing recognition for the one benefit that sets it apart. The button-for-button duplicate of the popular video-sharing social networking service TikTok adds an interesting twist to the fun affair.

Zynn app pays its users to sign up, watch the videos, and to set a domino effect by pulling in more users. Quickly making its way up amongst the top free apps in Apple’s App Store and Google Play store, Zynn is aiming for the spotlight.

Why is it being compared to TikTok?

TikTok has gained over 500 million users all over the world. Douyin, the developer of TikTok, happens to be the rival of a Chinese company, Kuaishou, a big competitor in the video apps scenario. Zynn is the extension of this company and is quickly drawing the attention of TikTok users.

Zynn is a complete clone of TikTok with its editing features, portrait-oriented videos, and video effects. The two video apps share an uncanny resemblance when it comes to the core interface and button layout. The only distinguishing factor that pops up is the countdown timer accompanying every video which rewards points to you.

How does Zynn app work?

How exactly does Zynn afford to pay so many users who just have to lie back and play some videos? With an ad-based business model, Zynn makes money by allowing a variety of brands to be featured on the app.

How does Zynn pay its users?

The micropayments that Zynn offers to its users are about $1.25 for an hour of viewing videos. But that is not all, Zynn rewards users once in a while with bonus points for a random video. These could be way more than the usual 66 points. Sometimes, you might receive 178 or even a whopping number of 415 points for watching a video. Such rewards are quick to appeal to users and to make them want more.

How can you make free money with Zynn app?

Zynn pays its users to view its content, be it 10 minutes a day or hours on end. While viewing a video, a countdown appears on the screen and grants you with points. You get to redeem these points as gift cards directly put the money in your pocket. When redeemed as gift cards, they can be used for Amazon, App Store, and Walmart.

The real cash is hidden behind the referral schemes, which pay you $110 to get five people to hop on the bandwagon. To start, you have to sign up on the Zynn app. For this, you need to have a Google or Facebook account. After this, you need to link your PayPal account. Once you complete these steps, you become eligible to receive payments.

Why will zynn app spread like wildfire?

With the youth getting increasingly drowned in social media apps, Zynn aims to target the younger audience, just like TikTok. More and more people are getting addicted to this app, which pays them to watch videos. The app rewards you, even more, to convince others to join the fun, starting a ripple effect across the globe.

How can it be beneficial to marketers?

Many YouTubers have posted their payment receipts, attracting more and more youngsters to get on board to make some easy cash. Videos that appeal to this younger audience can be beneficial to businesses.

Marketing on Zynn will ensure greater user engagement due to the broad audience as well. Brands and companies aimed at a younger audience, are sure to enjoy the perks from marketing on a platform that generates appealing sing-along clips.

Summing up

Zynn is quickly becoming an alternative video-sharing social networking app for the next generation. Easy to use and fun to share, the video features on Zynn are appealing to the TikTok users. An added advantage of making money for a simple task of watching videos is rapidly convincing youngsters to join the Zynn app.

With the benefits it offers, Zynn is an app to look out for when it comes to social media marketing for retailers and marketers. The addictive nature of the catchy numbers is enough to draw attention to brands and businesses.

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