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2022 The State Of AI in Marketing - 5 Predictions from Experts

We've all heard about AI taking our jobs. The technological singularity and the advent of the robots, in which machines will take control of our lives. Sure, these events appear in Hollywood scripts all the time, but academic and industrial studies show that machine intellect is a long way from achieving anything close to this level of breadth and comprehensiveness. So, what are the most recent and exciting AI development findings, particularly in marketing?

Let’s find out.

Prediction 1: More Personalization

The marketing industry is already seeing significant AI personalization. Many tools, for example, enable companies to send personalized marketing emails based on contact list information. Also, consumers receive regular emails or eCommerce site suggestions for particular items depending on what they've previously purchased in retail.

As per a study by Salesforce, about 64% of consumers expect a more personalized shopping experience based on interactions they had with a brand. AI has made it easier than ever to deliver these experiences with earlier marketing technologies, lagging behind.

Personalization isn't only a popular trend, though, making money for the business. According to Monetate's most recent research, 79% of retailers report a positive ROI from personalized marketing.

Prediction 2: Faster and Scalable Content Marketing

It's not just email marketing that benefits from personalization. Every type of content has significant room for improvement in creating personalized messages that resonate with your audience. With AI, you can distribute and publish dynamic video and text content based on each lead and customer profile.

A research by Thinkwithgoogle suggests that 56% of marketers believe using and working with data is superior to those based on institution. It helps to predict their customers' behavior and wants accurately. AI-generated content is already becoming easier for marketers. L'Oreal, for example, introduced their Modiface that allows people to try virtual makeup on Amazon with the help of AI.

Prediction 3: Enhancement in SEO Strategies

What can be more advantageous for an SEO marketer than the data? AI technology provides an opportunity to get a precise insight into consumers' online behavior. It can collect and analyze your customers' data from several different sources, including social media platforms and review sites, to provide you with a clear picture of their identity.

With the assistance of AI, a marketer can make a strategy that is more personal for its target audience before executing it on the web pages. This helps maximize organic traffic and conversions by improving click-through rates according to each user. AI tools for marketers will continue to grow more advanced, providing even greater insight into customers.

"We've seen a lot of discussion about SEO and AI in the last few months," says Krish Kumar, COO at SEO leader BrightEdge. "Recently, we had a survey of over 200 digital marketers and SEO professionals, and one of the questions we asked them was who in their organizations is utilizing SEO methods and insights. And the answer is every content or demand generation marketing discipline is using some form of SEO insights in their work to a varying degree."

Prediction 4: Powerful New AI Tools Will Be Built for Video

Video has taken over as the most popular mode of digital communication, and you can expect an increase in AI video-making tools in 2022, including video search, editing, and production.

According to Cisco, by 2022, 80% of all Internet data will be video. 7 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day, and a million videos are uploaded to TikTok. From Netflix to Amazon Prime Video to Disney+ to Hulu to HBO Max and beyond, Internet streaming services' subscriber bases and content libraries continue to expand.

Prediction 5: Enhanced Customer Experience

AI empowers marketers to deliver a more personalized and enhanced customer experience. In 2022, these improvements will become even more prominent with the improvement of AI technology. Also, as per a survey by Mckinsey, those marketers who have already begun using AI or those who plan on utilizing it in the next year have reported that they are satisfied with their return on investment (ROI) and ability to serve customers.

For businesses, the use of chatbots has also expanded considerably in recent years. According to research, 37% of consumers use a chatbot to obtain a faster response in an emergency, while 50% of businesses plan to spend more on chatbots compared to mobile applications.


Artificial Intelligence is helping marketers to create personalized experiences, increasing conversions and attracting more customers. Marketers recognize its importance in their strategies, but most haven't started using it yet. As far as digital marketing is concerned, if you want to make your business grow to new heights, it is always a good idea to take the assistance of AI technology.


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