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3 E-commerce Brands that Made the Most of TikTok Campaigns

The COVID-19 outbreak might have sent the world into a tizzy, but there is one industry that has managed to dodge the pandemic’s impact to quite an extent. It’s E-commerce.

According to the US Department of Commerce, consumers spent around $212 billion on shopping via E-commerce platforms between April and June 2020. This 32% growth in E-commerce underlines the significance that this sector is going to assume in the coming years.

Moreover, the revenue from E-commerce across the world is going to boost significantly from $3.53 trillion in 2019 to $6.54 trillion in 2022.

However, the ever-increasing number of players in this highly rewarding industry requires unique marketing ideas to get people to notice your brand. With so many marketing channels available these days, you have to decide which platform would be most suited for your brand outreach and leverage it optimally, as was done by these three following E-commerce brands that used TikTok to boost their brand familiarity.

1. Shopee

Leading Southeast Asian E-commerce platform Shopee wanted to maintain a foothold in the Southeast Asian market and continue building its brand in the region.

Their Objectives

Shopee sought to scale its user acquisition campaign while cutting down on the cost per acquisition and maintaining its performance.

Approach & Solution

Shopee tested a motion graphic ad creative to achieve a high click-through rate (CTR) and low cost per acquisition (CPA) for its campaigns. However, these creatives weren’t scalable, as suggested by the data.

Hence, Shopee quickly switched gears and tested User-Generated Content as creatives, which not only resulted in a month-over-month increase in the CTR but also helped Shopee scale its campaign.

After improving its creatives, Shopee began focusing on the campaign’s CPA by reaching a wide audience at a cost that was more in line with its goals. They put in place a Max Conversion (without bid) strategy through which they ran ads without setting a bid price in advance.

However, these ads were optimized for the best cost per conversion. Shopee also used native TikTok creatives, which included human models and trending themes to ensure the strategy was successful.

The Result

Shopee was open to experimenting, which helped it find the perfect combination of solutions to scale its user acquisition campaign, within its budget. Testing different ad creatives resulted in a 20% boost in the CTR for Shopee’s ads. Also, the inclusion of MaxCV without Bid to the mix brought down the campaign’s CPA by 19%.

2. Menulog

Menulog, an online food delivery app, sought to create an impact and emerge as a reliable name in the food delivery services.

Their Objectives

Menulog sought to raise its brand profile by bringing in engagement from Australia’s younger demographic.

Approach & Solution

Since Menulog’s targeted audience comprised a young demographic, which is highly active on TikTok, it decided to team up with the platform for wide outreach.

Menulog came up with a catchy and bespoke Snoop Dogg jingle, which was centred around a #DeliveryDance Branded Hashtag Challenge. They roped in Official TikTok Creators to recreate a dance routine with the official hashtag and music.

The challenge was further amplified by a TopView placement and In-Feed Ads, which popped up in the users’ feed, every time they logged into the app. Also, they incentivized the participants by offering them a chance to win a year’s worth of food delivery.

The Result

The campaign was an outright success. The TopView placement and Official Creators contributed to an 89% increase in ad-recall. These Official Creators also brought in almost two million video views at an engagement rate of 19%. There were more than 28.9 million impressions on the campaign content. During the campaign, Meenulog also observed a 35.9% increase in its brand association.

3. eBay

The world’s biggest marketplace on the web, eBay, sought to highlight the small businesses that operated through its platform.

Their Objectives

Through the campaign #StrongerAsone, eBay wanted to promote its latest campaign ‘#StrongerAsone’ to a young audience in the UK.

Approach & Solution

Since eBay wanted to reach out to a young generation, TikTok was an ideal platform for them. So, they joined hands with TikTok to boost its outreach.

eBay brought on-board one of TikTok’s creative partners, Vidsy, to create a highly emotive and expressive video, which would feature on TikTok TopView ad. This video was to be displayed to all UK users once the app was launched.

The 10-second ad took over the full vertical screen and promoted the campaign to over 16 million people over the 24-hour period when it was aired. It included many small clips of businesses going through their usual routine of packing orders, producing goods, giving the viewers an insight into what it’s like to own and run a small-scale enterprise.

When the video ended, a ‘Learn More’ button directed the viewers to a landing page, which revealed more information about the campaign and quotes from different people operating through eBay.

The Result

The campaign #StrongerAsone was exceptionally successful and received a great response in the short duration when it was run. It recorded over 17,88,000 impressions at an engagement rate of 17.72%. Also, it reached 6,364,040 users, which gave the campaign and eBay genuine exposure.

Also, the video received more than 70,000 likes along with hundreds of comments and shares. The video was viewed 6.1 million times with almost half of these views’ duration lasting for at least 50% of the entire 10-second video.

The call to action at the bottom of the page had a high CTR of 17.31%, pushing millions of users to the landing page, driving in more exposure for the brand.

Wrapping Up

There is no dearth of platforms that you can use to get your brand message across to your audience. However, the optimal utilization of such platforms is the key to success through such campaigns. Therefore, it’s imperative for you to understand what your targeted audience wants to see and figure out what kind of content would resonate with them.


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