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3 Entertainment Brands That Grabbed Everyone’s Attention With Their Facebook Campaigns

The COVID-19 pandemic took a massive toll on the global entertainment industry as it fell to $2 trillion in 2020. However, the industry is expected to soon recover and reach $2.6 trillion by 2025. While these statistics may seem encouraging, the competition within the entertainment sector is massive and brands need to consistently be on their toes to keep their core audience engaged at all times.

As traditional marketing avenues continue becoming obsolete, they need to try new marketing channels for enhanced visibility and consumer engagement. Also, entertainment brands have to increasingly devise new marketing strategies to get ahead of their competition, just like these three entertainment brands did through their Facebook campaigns.

1. Spotify Southeast Asia

Spotify is the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service today with 365 million users, including 165 million paid subscribers, across 178 markets.

Their Objective

Spotify sought to promote its new “Only You” experience in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand and hoped to drive interest across both Facebook and Instagram.

Approach & Solution

Spotify wanted to supplement its business-as-usual campaign with branded content ads and augmented reality (AR) experience. The audio company teamed up with Meta Creative Shop on a humorous AR filter that showed the viewer playing an instrument and dancing. Also, the filter showed the brightly colored photo and video ads that people could use to share their individual listening results from the “Only You” experience.

Moreover, Spotify collaborated with agency UM APAC to identify local content creators in each of the three markets to devise an optimized branded content strategy and execute the campaign. These creators posted photos and videos of themselves using the AR filter from Meta Creative Shop on Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories.

Spotify then turned the influencer creative into branded content ads as well as AR filter-based photo and video ads that appeared in Facebook News Feed and Instagram feed. The amusing ads encouraged people to swipe up or click through to open the Spotify app and find their personalized Only You results.

The Result

Spotify’s “Only You” campaign was a major success and achieved lifts in brand metrics and intent in all three Southeast Asian markets. While the campaign led to a 4.4-point lift in ad recall in Thailand, there was a 2.7-point lift in brand affinity in Indonesia. Also, the Only You campaign led to a 3.6-point lift in action intent to recommend Spotify in the Philippines. Moreover, the AR campaign led to a 2.4-point lift in action intent to recommend Spotify in the Philippines.

2. NOW TV Ireland

NOW TV is a subscription online media streaming service that offers the latest TV, films, and live sports on demand without a contract.

Their Objective

NOW TV Ireland wanted to focus on Facebook and Instagram with a campaign aimed at driving online sales of its entertainment packages.

Approach & Solution

In early 2020, NOW TV Ireland began working with MediaCom Ireland, a GroupM agency that specializes in paid social advertising. The first three months were spent on the introduction of best practices to NOW TV Ireland’s advertising activity, such as correctly implementing the Facebook pixel, simplifying its Facebook d account structure, using broad targeting to provide the Facebook algorithm with a greater scope for finding the ideal audiences and testing different ad objectives.

To drive conversions from the start of the campaign, MediaCom and NOW TV Ireland tried using the traffic ad objective for its Facebook and Instagram ads, rather than engagement. This, when combined with exciting video ad creative with compelling CTAs, successfully drove visits to NOW TV Ireland’s website, where people could use their offers.

Moreover, MediaCom and NOW TV boosted the campaign’s reach and increased purchases by creating lookalike audiences and serving them video ads that used the conversion objective. The company also tested different placements during the campaign to see which ones could deliver better results.

The Result

NOW TV Ireland’s video ad campaign performed outstandingly well for the company and raked 2X more clicks, compared to the corresponding period from last year. Also, the cost per click was 54% lower than the previous period. Moreover, there was an average increase of 3.5X in purchases, compared to the same period the previous month.

3. Vodafone Play

Vodafone Play is a one-stop entertainment destination for Vodafone telecom subscribers to stream their favorite content.

Their Objective

Vodafone wanted to reach a wider audience and boost its market share for app installs in the increasingly competitive Indian market for online streaming.

Approach & Solution

Vodafone adopted a “full-funnel” strategy on Facebook that used multi-phased, sequential, and always-on campaigns. The awareness campaigns were intended to promote discovery, ad recall, and brand preference. The conversion campaigns, on the other hand, were mostly retargeted brand campaigns that urged people to install the app and look at content.

These campaigns were carried out with the help of creative agency Ogilvy India and media agency Wavemaker. The agencies segmented the target audience so that they could use local languages in separate campaigns and highlight regional entertainment favorites.

The Result

The comprehensive approach adopted by Vodafone helped them reach a bigger audience and drive downloads. The campaign that ran for over two months in 2019 led to a 43% increase in app installs and a 38% increase in registrations. Also, there was a 6.4% lift in ad recall. Vodafone also saw a 4.1% lift in brand preference and a 42% increase in content views.

Bottom Line

Facebook has established itself as a hegemonic authority as far as marketing avenues are concerned. With over 2.91 billion active users, Facebook takes marketing campaigns to almost 40% of the global population. Also, its various features like photo ads, video ads, custom audiences, and lookalike audiences offer companies a wide range of options to experiment with their marketing campaigns.

All you need is a sound marketing strategy to benefit from Facebook’s massive marketing potential. So, what’s your Facebook marketing strategy?


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