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3 FMCG Brands That Struck All the Right Notes with Their Facebook Campaigns

The size of the global FMCG industry was valued at approximately $10,000 billion in 2017 and is currently projected to be worth more than $15,000 by 2025 at a CAGR of 5.4% between 2018 and 2025. The FMCG sector makes up for the largest combination of consumer goods.

Despite the economic crisis created by COVID-19 the world over, the FMCG sector is growing at a rapid rate after a brief decline. But due to the massive growth opportunities in the FMCG sector, the competition here is also cut-throat. Therefore, brands operating within this niche need to put forward their best foot when it comes to implementing their marketing strategy- similar to what these brands did with their Facebook campaigns.

1. ACUVUE Taiwan

As part of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, ACUVUE has been striving to leverage the latest technologies to produce the highest quality contact lenses.

Their Objective

ACUVUE sought to drive awareness around its new color lens product amongst Taiwanese between the age of 18 and 35 with an engaging campaign. The brand also wanted to motivate people to visit physical optical stores for product trials and sales.

Approach & Solution

ACUVUE roped in two popular influencers to host a Facebook Live event to promote their new product. With Facebook’s help, ACUVUE also amplified its campaign engagement by integrating Live Marketing and interactive solutions.

The brand ran photo ads on Facebook featuring influencers and information on the upcoming Live to create a buzz around the campaign. The influencers also promoted the event by posting details on their Facebook Pages.

The influencers introduced the color lens product and shared its key features and benefits with their audience. They also put on the lenses themselves to demonstrate different styles. Moreover, ACUVUE replied to people via private replies every time someone commented on the Live Event. They also doled out coupons to these potential customers, which they could redeem by participating at optical stores. This encouraged them to purchase the product or opt for a trial.

Once the Live Event came to an end, ACUVUE created mobile-first video ads by reusing the event highlights to promote the lenses. These ads were directed at an audience in the age group of 18-35 years, who had an interest in beauty-related topics.

The Result

The Facebook campaign turned out to be highly successful for ACUVUE and lifted their recall and purchase intent substantially. The campaign led to a 5.3-point boost in ad recall in their female audience between the age of 18 and 24.

The campaign also resulted in a 3.7-point increase in standard ad recall and a 1.5-point boost in purchase intent.

2. Colgate India

The multinational consumer goods brand ran a Facebook In-Stream Reserve video ads campaign to promote its latest toothpaste.

Their Objective

Colgate wanted to promote Colgate Charcoal Clean, its latest toothpaste, by running a campaign of in-steam video ads on Facebook, which would highlight the product’s black color and other ingredients such as mint and charcoal.

Approach & Solution

Colgate teamed up with its agency partners VMLY&R and RedFuse India and came up with 15-second In-Stream Reserve video ads, which were optimized for mobile. These ads prominently featured the new Colgate Charcoal Clean toothpaste. Using In-Stream Reserve, Colgate made sure that their ads had a higher probability of being seen by high-value customers since they appear as breaks within high-quality video content on Facebook.

The videos feature a woman brushing her teeth while multiple avatars of her appear in the mirror in front of her, dressed in black. They are also accompanied by taglines “The most interesting brushing experience” and “#MakeItInteresting”.

Also, Colgate targeted the ads to reach people in the age group of 25-44 living in large Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, and Bangalore.

The Result

The Facebook In-Stream Reserve video ads led to a 17-point lift in the brand’s ad recall. Also, it resulted in a 1.9-point boost in purchase intent along with a 4.2-point lift in message association.

3. Cadbury Dairy Milk

In 2020, the chocolate brand ran campaigns on Facebook and Instagram that focused on storytelling that communicated the idea of “there’s goodness in everyone”.

Their Objective

Cadbury wanted to launch a campaign that would highlight its brand refresh and boost brand affinity across audiences in Southeast Asia through emotional storytelling.

Approach & Solution

Cadbury Dairy Milk joined hands with agency partners Spark and Ogilvy to launch their digital campaign that adapted its “There’s goodness in everyone” ad campaign for audiences based in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

The campaign creative featured five different 10-second video ads that were meant to strike an emotional connection with the viewers through an initiative that Mondelez called “empathy at scale”. Each of these stories catered to some or the other audience’s passion point- games, music, food, or motherhood- featuring small acts of giving or sharing.

Through automatic placements, Cadbury ensured that the ads were shown where they had the highest chance of performing the best across Facebook News Feed and as Facebook in-stream video ads.

Moreover, Cadbury ran a campaign optimized for Facebook and Instagram Stories, encouraging people to repost a screenshot of a template to their own Stories and tag a friend or family member. The vertical templates focused on the same audience interests that were featured in the video ads.

The Result

Cadbury’s autumn 2020 video storytelling-led campaign turned out to be quite successful. It resulted in an 8.7-point boost in ad recall and a 6.6-point increase in affinity in Malaysia. In the Philippines too Cadbury’s affinity shot up by 4.7-point.

Wrapping Up

Twitter has emerged as one of the most highly sought platforms for brands to get their message across to their clients and other potential customers. With its various features like video ads, ads in stories, links ads, photo ads, and Facebook Live; Facebook offers you a plethora of options that you can leverage to present your brand’s story in the most interactive way. All you need is a good marketing plan and then a solid strategy to put it into motion.


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