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3 Health Supplement Brands That Executed Breathtaking Facebook Campaigns

The health supplement market size was valued at $136.2 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $204.7 billion by 2026 at a healthy CAGR of 7%. The demand for health supplements is primarily driven by rising health awareness and the growing geriatric population.

Although the convergence of major industry trends is giving rise to new opportunities in the industry, the presence of hundreds and thousands of brands makes it a highly competitive industry. This makes it imperative for health supplement brands to stay at the top of their marketing game and come up with out-of-the-box campaigns just like these three health supplement brands that attained their marketing goals with Facebook.

1. Kyoto Yamachiya

Kyoto Yamachiya is a leading Japanese health supplement brand that uses natural ingredients and strict guidelines to produce its products.

Their Objective

Kyoto Yamachiya wanted to expand its footprint in the Hong Kong market for which it was looking for ways to reach interested customers and drive its online sales.

Approach & Solution

Kyoto Yamachiya ran a campaign using photo and video ads that were specifically designed for mobile devices to reach more people in Hong Kong. These ads highlighted the benefits of its health products. Kyoto Yamachiya also repositioned its messaging as a more premium offering to reach a wider audience.

The campaign used automatic placements to run ads on Facebook that broadly targeted people between the age of 25-60. Moreover, Kyoto Yamachiya also retargeted ads to site visitors and people who had previously purchased from them. The brand worked in close association with its agency partner Startoasia to plan and execute its campaign.

The Result

The Facebook campaign led to a 45% boost in Kyoto Yamachiya’s compared to its previous campaign. Also, the health supplement brand observed a 2.8x lift in adds to cart and 2.5x lower cost per add to cart compared to its previous campaigns.

2. HealthKart

HealthKart is the first electronic health supplement provider in India that seeks to offer top-quality nutrition products to fitness enthusiasts.

Their Objective

HealthKart sought to connect with a wider audience and drive awareness around its protein supplement, MuscleBlaze Whey Gold, to boost more sales.

Approach & Solution

HealthKart turned to Facebook to boost awareness and sales for its product MuscleBlaze Whey Gold. It used a “full-funnel” campaign strategy to guide people from product discovery to consideration to conversion. HealthKart ran 2 campaigns simultaneously- one with the objective of driving awareness and the other with a conversion objective to boost purchases. Both these campaigns were targeted at fitness enthusiasts between the age of 18-65.

For the awareness campaign, HealthKart created video ads showcasing the fitness journeys of some of its customers to inspire its audience. Also, these ads highlighted the benefits of its MuscleBlaze Whey Gold product. These short videos were impactful and engaged regional audiences in different Indian languages.

Its conversion campaign leveraged information from Facebook pixel installed on its website to build Custom Audiences of people who had viewed its product videos visited its site, and purchased its products. HealthKart also created lookalike audiences based on these visitors to reach new clients. Visitors were directed to the HealthKart website once they clicked on the carousel format ads.

The Result

The Facebook campaign performed excellently and resulted in a 50% boost in the sales of MuscleBlaze. Also, HealthKart saw an 11-point lift in its ad recall and a 6-point lift in brand preference.

3. Dose & Co

Dose & Co was founded by Libby Boxall, who was inspired by her own fitness journey using nutrition and naturopathy, to provide people with a line of premium collagen and protein blends.

Their Objective

Dose & Co wanted to enter the US market and find a high-profile partner who shared its values, enjoyed the trust of the American women, and could assist it in its awareness efforts.

Approach & Solution

Dose & Co teamed up with well-known American media personality, Khloé Kardashian. The health supplement brand announced its collaboration with Khloé Kardashian and its launch in the U.S. by curating a brand awareness campaign that revolved around real client testimonials and endorsement from Khloé Kardashian.

Through their campaign, Dose & Co communicated the premium quality of its products through a combination of video ads that were optimized for video views and photo ads that optimized consideration and conversion. These ads featured the brand’s customers demonstrating how to use collagen and protein blends in daily life.

The health supplement brand also used an international lookalike audience based on a Custom Audience of existing New Zealand customers to connect with similar people in the new market.

The Result

Dose & Co’s Facebook campaign featuring Khloé Kardashian and real customers helped the health supplement brand attain all its major goals. While it saw a 10.7-point lift in ad recall, its campaign awareness saw a 6-point lift. Also, there was a 2.7-lift in Dose & Co’s brand familiarity.

Wrapping Up

Over the years, Facebook has firmly established itself as a leading advertising platform. Through a combination of its various features like automatic placements, link ads, video ads, carousel, and the custom & looklalike audiences, brands can achieve all their marketing goals. All you need is a sound strategy to leverage Facebook and its features.

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