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3 Media & Entertainment Brands That Set the Bar Really High with Their Facebook Campaigns

The global recession caused by the pandemic led to a significant slump in the global media and entertainment market as it fell to $2 trillion in 2020. However, with a resurgence in global economies, things have again started looking up for the sector. The media and entertainment industry is expected to hit $2.6 trillion by 2025.

Therefore, brands operating in this niche have a lot to look forward to in the coming years. However, to succeed in an industry that’s as competitive as this one, brands always need to be on their toes to deal with competition from all quarters. Also, the average attention span of people has hit a bare minimum.

Hence, brands operating in the media and entertainment industry need to come up with compelling marketing campaigns and utilize every marketing platform available to them. This was well-demonstrated by these three following brands that made the most out of their Facebook campaigns to boost their CTRs, ROI, and overall conversions.

1. Kitabisa

Kitabisa is an Indonesian online crowdfunding platform that was founded in 2013. It helps people in dire medical situations and social welfare NGOs connect with people who can lend a helping hand to their cause through donations.

Their Objective

Kitabisa sought to measure its campaigns across the different Facebook platforms to get insights into how they can optimize their performance, and boost the number of donations received.

Approach & Solution

Kitabisa consistently aired campaigns of ads promoting website purchases. These used data from the Facebook pixel to reach people who were most likely to purchase products or services from a business.

To check how effective its ads were in increasing donation conversions, the platform also carried out a two-cell conversion lift study. The study did a comparison of Kitabisa’s regular campaign with the performance of a campaign that added measurement from the Facebook Conversions API.

While the first cell measured the campaign on Facebook and Instagram with both Facebook Conversions and API and the pixel, capturing verified transactions, the second cell measured their usual campaign and captured the general site conversion events.

The Result

By testing the measurement strategies, Kitabisa discovered that using the Facebook Conversions API and the pixel together boosted donations while also reducing costs. It led to a 1.4X increase in incremental conversions along with a 27% reduction in incremental conversion. Also, the cost per add-to-cart action decreased by 9%.


WIPPY is a networking and dating app created by South Korean social application developer NRISE. It offers people the opportunity to discover like-minded communities and find love.

Their Objective

NRISE wanted to increase app installs and in-app purchases by repositioning the app as a social platform, emphasizing that its purpose went beyond that of a dating platform and it can be used to build friendships too.

Approach & Solution

NRISE joined hands with social media marketing company Leferi for a Facebook campaign featuring trusted content creators that branded WIPPY as a community-building service rather than a dating app.

NRISE brought onboard popular personalities to generate a series of branded content ads that encouraged people to install the WIPPY app and make in-app purchases. The creators came up with 15-second mobile-first video ads about how WIPPY could be used in different social situations. This campaign that ran on Facebook and Instagram included the tagline “find friends nearby”.

Along with the branded content ads campaign, NRISE also ran mobile app install ads for WIPPY and Instagram. To draw people who were more likely to make in-app purchases, the campaign used app event optimization for purchases. Both the campaigns targeted people in the age group of 18-65 years.

The Result

NRISE and Leferi’s collaboration for the Facebook campaign led to significant inroads. It resulted in a 7.5% boost in in-app purchases from iOS devices. For Android devices, there was a 3.4% increase in in-app purchases. Moreover, the increase in mobile app seven-day retention of new users from iOS and Android devices was 25% and 27%, respectively.

3. Yuewen

Yuewen is a Chinese web novel company that publishes online literature in the form of stories and artwork. It is headquartered in Shanghai.

Their Objective

Yuewen sought to boost its ad performance and acquire new readers at a lower cost by understanding its American audience better. It aimed to discover which types of creatives led to most app downloads and new accounts and drove the highest engagement and purchase rates.

Approach & Solution

Yuewen collaborated with Facebook Marketing Partner Bidalgo to streamline its ad campaign creation and measurement process.

Yuewen clouds make changes across all of its ads at once with Bidalogo’s solutions and Facebook’s support. It could also edit specific creative assets. Yuewen used Bidalgo’s platform to test the performance of its creative and adjust campaign settings and audience based on what drove the best results. The team also used what it learned across different campaigns to determine the best practices for the optimization of their campaign performance.

Yuewen used Facebook’s app-level optimization to show its mobile app install ads to people who were most likely to be interested. The ads were targeted to people in the US between the ages of 15-45 with an interest in comics and manga. They were also aimed at Custom Audiences of people who responded to previous campaigns and lookalike audiences based on them.

Along with Bidalgo’s tools, Yuewen also used Ads Manager to track its campaign performance across Facebook, and the Marketing API to optimize ads in real-time.

The Result

Ywewen's Facebook campaign was a massive success. Compared to its previous campaign, the collaboration with Bidalgo led to a 50% boost in return on ad spend and a 41% increase in CTRs. also, there was a 39% reduction in cost per install and a 12% hike in ROI.

Wrapping Up

Facebook today offers the biggest marketing platform to brands of all sizes operating in various niches. While features like Facebook pixel and Measurement offer valuable insights to improve marketing campaigns, features like Video Ads, Core Audiences, Custom Audiences, and Lookalike Audiences help brands reach out to their target audiences and capture their attention. However, a solid strategy on how you want to capture their attention and drive awareness around your brand is a prerequisite to benefit from this platform.


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