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3 Tech Brands Whose Snapchat Campaigns Gave Their Rivals A Run for Their Money

The global tech industry is expected to be around $5.3 trillion in 2022. The growth in the industry is expected to continue through 2024 at a 5% CAGR.

With a plethora of technology brands available today, users have multiple options in each technology niche from telecom and devices to infrastructure and IT services. This means that tech brands need to up their marketing game to stay relevant in the industry. To do this, they would have to leverage different marketing avenues available to them just like these three tech brands used Snapchat to execute impressive campaigns, drive engagement, and boost conversions.

1. Cabify

Cabify is a Spanish ridesharing company that provides vehicles for hire through its smartphone mobile app.

Their Objective

Cabify wanted to figure out how to connect with the youngest users for their mobile app, and subsequently generate high engagement with the Generation Z audience in Spain.

Approach & Solution

Cabify’s in-house team leveraged Lens Studio to come up with an interactive AR Lens that invited Spanish Snapchat users to play a hunting game to unlock a discount code. The AR Lens placed different vouchers on the foreheads of these Snapchat users, which they could catch by raising their eyebrows.

Through the implementation of this idea, Cabify also became of the earliest beta testers for app install goa-based bidding for their AR Lens campaign.

The Result

The Snapchat campaign delivered excellent results for Cabify and led to a 16% reduction in cost per install. Also, the campaign delivered a 2x ROAS. Moreover, the campaign generated more than 22k saves and shares and reinforced the brand image with a +13second average playtime.


VOXI wanted to drive awareness around its brand amongst Snapchat users and emphasize its proposition of ‘Endless Social Media’.

Their Objective

VOXI’s primary goal was to maximize reach against its target audience of 16-30-year-old people, which would subsequently boost its brand awareness.

Approach & Solution

VOXI teamed up with creative agency Ogilvy to create bespoke, platform-specific video content. Its creative ensured that the VOXI brand and its message of ‘Endless Social Media’ were upfront and throughout.

Snap Ads were used along with the Commercials to increase the reach of the target audience by finding users in different parts of the Snapchat app. The campaign was measured with a Multi-Cell Brand Lift Study. While Cell 1 included Commercials and Snap Ads, Cell 2 included only the Commercials.

The Result

The Snapchat campaign was a major success for VOXI and led to a +9pt lift in its Brand Awareness, +30pt lift in Ad Awareness, and a +16pt lift in Message Association for ‘Endless Social Media’. The addition of Snap Ads alongside Commercials led to an incremental reach of 22% over Commercials. The multi-placement cell also delivered CPM efficiencies, with the average CPM in Cell 1 being £3.20 CPM compared to £5.96 CPM for cell 2 that featured only the Commercials.

3. Samsung

Samsung was about to launch its new Galaxy Note20 phone and wanted to create some buzz around it before its launch.

Their Objective

Samsung sought to drive awareness and create excitement around the launch of its Galaxy Note20 phone.

Approach & Solution

Samsung leveraged the power of Snapchat’s portfolio of video formats to run a range of bespoke creatives. These creatives were tailored to fit the needs of the different phases of the campaign.

Also, Samsung used Snap ads as teasers, Commercials for launch, and Dynamic Ads to drive conversion.

The Result

The multi-format, full-funnel approach in its Snapchat campaign helped Samsung substantially. There was a +11pp uplift in its brand favorability in the 25-34 age group. Also, the campaign drove action intent for an incremental 401k people, which cost $0.21 for each person that was influenced. Also, 521k people were now aware of the Galaxy Note20, which cost $0.16 for each influenced person.

Wrapping Up

Snapchat is massively popular among young millennials, which makes it an ideal marketing platform, especially for brands that are looking to reach out to that audience. Also, its various features provide brands with the perfect launchpad that they need to make an impact on their target audience. With a combination of well-thought strategy and compelling content, there’s no limit to what brands can achieve through their Snapchat campaigns.


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