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5 Awesome Ads That Wished Us New Year 2023 in The Most Unique Fashion

And the much-awaited new year is finally here. All through 2022, we were greeted by moments that swung between both extremes of the happiness index. 2022 was a year of joy, a year of heart-wrenching occasions and events, a year marked by absolute pessimism, and a year that gave us hope- all at the same time. But what is 2023 going to be like?

Perhaps the brands that we follow and use in our day-to-day lives might have an answer. At least their commercials seem to have it.

So, here we are with 5 amazing new year ads that give a picture of what 2023 might be like.

1. Google: #CanIChange

Every new year, Google reveals the top searches for the previous year. In 2022, people mostly googled how they could change themselves.

So, Google came up with a beautiful 2 min-video on what exactly people did to change themselves and the world around them. From quitting jobs and switching careers to getting on the treadmill and changing the color of their hair, 2023 was all about people trying to rediscover and reinvent themselves- and Google captured all of that in this inspiring video. The video also includes some of the most iconic moments from 2022 like Roger Federer hanging his boots and women from across the world showing solidarity with anti-hijab protesters in Iran by chopping off their hair.

So, will this tendency to change usher in a bigger renaissance in 2023? We’ll know when Google comes up with its 2023 search trends next year!

2. TCL Electronics: #NewYearNewBeginning

A new year is all about new beginnings, which TCL Electronics advertises quite well in this somewhat long but heart-touching commercial.

The commercial shows a few kids arriving at their grandpa’s place to spend the new year holidays. But ever since his wife passed away, the old man has become a bit of a recluse. And that’s when the kids and their parents decide to cheer him up with new gifts. In comes a brand new TV, air conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator, and an album to convey to him that he’s never too old for a new beginning.

3. Ariel: #CelebrateEqual

Women are mostly absent from celebrations in most South Asian families, and Ariel has been trying to counter this practice through its amazing campaigns for years.

This year, Ariel has come up with the #CelebrateEqual campaign that sheds light on how we often forget to include women in our celebrations. The only time we actually see them in our festivities is while they are busy with the preparations for the celebrations. But is it truly a celebration if it’s not equal? That’s the question that Ariel seeks to ask its clients and potential customers through its thought-provoking ad campaign.

4. Netflix Nordic: #NewYearNewMe

What does the end of a year truly signify? Is it really the end of something? Or the beginning of a new chapter? Those are the questions that Netflix answers through its 2023 new year ad.

The 80-second spot is a careful combination of some of the most impactful scenes from Netflix shows that symbolized change- be it the end or the beginning of something. Whether it’s about reinventing oneself or falling on a new timeline- this Netflix ad builds the perfect tempo for what it has in store for the audience.

5. WhatsApp: #EveryoneYouLove

And now it’s time for my favorite new year video from this year. WhatsApp has come up with an emotional new year 2023 ad that will make you cherish the things that you’ve got in life.

The ad shows people getting in touch with their loved ones on WhatsApp, including a guy who’s watching a video of a woman laughing hysterically. It is later revealed that the woman in the video is his mother who’s no more and it’s probably the last memory that he has of her.

Forget the fireworks; this video is enough to trigger the waterworks!

Bottom Line

None of us know what 2023 is going to be like. All we can do is wait and try to make this year worthwhile. And that’s exactly what brands through these ads want to convey. It’s all about how you perceive things. Your year depends on what you make out of it. That’s how it’s been for all the previous years, and that’s how it shall be forever. The magic is within you and it’s entirely up to you how and when you unleash it.

ClickInsights wishes you and your family a very happy new year. We’ll be back with more awesome videos for you this year. Stay tuned!


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