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5 Awesome CNY 2022 Ads by Malaysian Brands That You Shouldn’t Miss

We covered some of the best Singaporean CNY ads from 2022 in one of our blogs last week. And as promised, we are back with the 5 best Malaysian CNY 2022 commercials for you today. Like the Singaporean ads covered in our previous blog, these Malaysian ads also highlight what the Chinese New Year is all about and celebrate prosperity and togetherness.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s see the 5 best Malaysian CNY 2022 ads that will serve as the perfect buildup for this year’s CNY next week.

1. Digi: The Undivided Heart

Malaysia’s third-largest mobile operator Digi released an emotional advert last year that highlighted the value of familial bonds.

The ad showcases a girl who runs a family restaurant after her parents pass away. But irritated by the constant bickering in her family, she gets into a bitter argument with her uncle over how he is treating one of their customers. She soon realizes her mistake and decides to make amends with her uncle. While her uncle doesn’t accept her apology initially, he too realizes his fault and rejoins the restaurant later. The ad shows that the strength of the family is the biggest prosperity that we can share, and perfectly underlines the spirit of the Chinese New Year.

2. Etiqa: The Auspicious Time

What if the timing for everything in your life from- waking up in the morning to running errands and going to your job, was to be guided by a book?

That’s the premise of this Etiqa CNY 2022 commercial that features an old woman who follows an almanac to find out whether or not it’s a good omen to do something. But one fine day, she loses the book and can no longer seek its help to see if it’s a good omen or not. Life comes to a standstill not only for her but also for everyone in the family. How does she navigate her way out of this problem? Well, watch the ad to find out!

3. Celcom: With Hope, Comes Prosperity

3 families, 3 struggles, and 1 hope- that’s the premise of this 2022 ad by Malaysia’s oldest mobile telecommunications provider, Celcom.

The ad showcases the stories of three people- a man who is on the verge of closing his car workshop, a young boy whose parents are struggling to pay his college fees, and a young girl whose company has fired her. How their positive attitude helps them overcome their challenges and go forward in their respective lives forms the crux of this motivating ad.

What binds them together? Hope, and of course, Celcom!

4. Astro: A Tiger’s Heart

COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown had been a difficult phase and that meant that the Chinese New Year celebrations during 2020 and 2021 were quite subdued. So, when a group of youngsters in this Astro CNY 2022 ad is shown preparing for a lion dance competition, they find themselves a bit rusty. And everybody except one of those guys leaves out of frustration.

But the indomitable spirit and the never-say-die attitude demonstrated by the last-standing fellow eventually rub onto the rest of the group members. And not only do they participate in the competition but emerge victorious too. You see, the tiger is within us!

5. Julie’s: The Worst Feng Shui Master

The last ad on this list is from Malaysian biscuit brand Julie’s. The ad revolves around a feng shui master who’s been having a bad time professionally ever since he predicted a good year in 2020 on the Chinese New Year.

Some of his other blunders included predicting a downfall for Bitcoin later that year when it an all-time high and a good year in 2021 when many businesses shut down. Therefore, it’s no wonder that people started addressing him as “Mr. Wrong” instead of his name Mr, Wong. However, one day he’s hired by Julie’s and he starts helping them with his prophecies. The company does extraordinarily well by doing the exact opposite of what he prophesied.

The ad explores the theme of hope, which had been an underlining element in most CNY 2022 ads, and highlights that sometimes all we need is a ray of hope to get back our mojo- albeit in a wholly opposite way!

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of the best Malaysian CNY 2022 ads. The Chinese New Year has always stood for happiness, prosperity, and togetherness. And these Malaysian ads highlight all those ingredients perfectly well.

We’ll soon be back with some of the best Chinese New campaigns from this year. Till then, stay tuned!


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