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5 Awesome Ramadan 2023 Commercials That Epitomize Togetherness

The holy month of Ramadan began last week and so did the outpouring of emotions on many of the Ramadan ads released this year. Every year, brands join in the Ramadan festivities with beautiful ad campaigns and this year is no different.

So, here we are with 5 amazing Ramadan 2023 commercials that will make you realize the importance of love and togetherness.

1. Adidas: From Sunrise to Sunset

Imagine fasting for a month, avoiding even the intake of water as long as the sun is up, and then engaging in some outdoor sport too; sounds impossible, right? Well, that’s precisely what hundreds and thousands of Muslims across the world do during Ramadan.

Muslim sports enthusiasts want to keep up their fitness game during Ramadan but often don’t have the requisite information. With this amazing advert that highlights the indomitable spirits of sportspersons during Ramadan, Adidas makes it evident that one doesn’t have to choose between working out or fasting during the holy month. And what better way to show how to do it than to bring on board Swedish footballer Nabil Bahoui and boxer Zahra Al-Mougrabi?

2. Ikea: Togetherness

It’s amusing to see the lengths that kids often go to seek some love and attention from their family members. And this heartwarming commercial by Ikea will surely make you go “awwwww!”.

The ad showcases a young lad trying to do whatever he can to bring a smile to everyone’s face. When his mom finally allows him to set the Iftar table, the thoughtful kid ensures to add a personal touch to each of his family members’ seats. When his family notices the warm and loving gesture from the kid, they start looking for him- only to find him asleep on a sofa, probably tired from all the hard work that he did!

Awwwwww! Didn’t I tell you?

3. McDonald's Arabia: Live the Child Within This Ramadan

Here’s another ad that will prove that kids make a place much better than it actually is.

This cute McDonald’s ad showcases how kids are the ultimate epitome of kindness and taking a leaf out of their book could do adults a world of good. From watering the plants to donating money to the needy, children have the power to pervade any space with love and kindness and the world could be a much better place if adults really learn a thing or two from them.

4. Coca-Cola: Break Differences

The sheer brilliance of the cinematography behind this advert is enough to get this Coca-Cola Ramadan ad to any “best Ramadan ads” list.

The commercial shows a town coming to life through shadows as the audience follows people’s silhouettes while they go about with their day-to-day lives around each other. The ad culminates in a family sitting down for breakfast before the sun rises.

5. National Condiments: Zaika Mil Baithne Ka

I don’t know what’s more difficult; going through an entire month of Ramadan fasting or watching this wide range of colorful foods and sauces bouncing around in the kitchen. Well, regardless of which one it is, this commercial is surely something you’ll love for all the mouth-watering food items that we see in this ad.

Not only the ad, but the soundtrack is also amazing. And watching the family settling down to have their meal always leaves “goody-goody” vibe around us, doesn’t it?

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of the best Ramadan 2023 ads. But this isn’t all; there are dozens of adverts released by brands this year, with love, kindness, and togetherness being the core themes behind all those ads.

So, we’ll be back soon with more such fantastic Ramadan commercials for you from this year. Till then, stay tuned!


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