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5 Best 2022 Holi Ads That Made A Splash with Colors of Joy

After two years of muted Holi celebrations under the fear of COVID-19, things have slowly started to return to normalcy in 2022. The markets are bustling again, consumer sentiment is on a high, and there is a general feeling of having survived the worst and looking forward to better times ahead.

As people are getting into high spirits to celebrate Holi with their near and dear ones, brands too are finding their own ways of conveying their messages through positive, colorful, creative, and socially aware campaigns, reflecting the festival’s upbeat spirit.

So, here we are with some of the most mindblowing 2022 Holi ad campaigns that caught our eye.

1. Surf Excel (#DaagAccheHain)

Surf Excel has made it a habit of coming up with the most entertaining and heart-touching Holi commercials every year. Like every year, Surf Excel is back this year with a Holi campaign to bolster its #DaagAccheHain campaign.

The ad shows a heart-warming gesture by a little girl to include her middle-aged aunt in the Holin celebration. The spirited little girl is shown playing with colors with her friends when she notices her aunt enjoying their game, subconsciously wanting to join in. When the girl insists that her aunt join them, the aunt shies away from joining them saying that it’s not her age to join them.

The girl then comes up with an ingenious idea to help her aunt become a part of the Holi festivities and conveys the strong message of examining the boundaries that keep us away from finding the joy of keeping our childhood alive.

2. Koo (#HarRangkiHoli)

Micro-blogging app Koo has released an impressive Holi anthem called (#HarRangkiHoli to highlight the rich diversity that exists in India and the different ways that people celebrate Holi across the country.

The ad showcases the distinct Holi traditions. From glimpses of Uttar Pradesh’s Lathmaar Holi and Punjab’s Hola Mohalla to Goa’s vibrant Shigmo and West Bengal’s Dol Jatra, the anthem beautifully captures the sentiment of ‘many cultures, one emotion’.

3. Colors X Seagram (#MenWillBeMen)

Seagram Imperial teamed up with the stars of Colors channel for its 2022 Holi campaign, taking forward its #MenWillBeMen proposition. The ad features prominent Big Boss contestants Rubina Dilaik, Karan Kundra, Nishant Bhat, and Umar Riaz.

The quirky ad showcases the festivities of Holi while perfectly blending elements from Seagram Imperial’s old #MenWillBeMen ad campaign. The ad features Raj Kundra rebuking Nishant Bhat and Umar Riaz when they wish him Happy Holi to stop them from applying colors on him. But Kundra is later seen wishing Rubina Dilaik and beaming with a smile, thereby, reiterating the brand’s old tagline.

4. Ghadi Detergent (#MannkaMailDhoDalo)

It looks like detergent brands are on a roll this year. Ghadi Detergent has continued with its Holi campaign thought of #MannkaMailDhoDalo of the last few years. Their 2022 ad shows an elderly woman taking things into her hands when her son has a fight with one of his neighbors who he has been friends with for the last forty years.

The old woman then takes her son to the neighbor and chides them for quarreling with each other over petty differences in their political ideologies. The ad ends with the two men hugging each other, thereby reaffirming the age-old mantra of burying differences on Holi.

5. Chola MS (#BringingtheNationTogether)

Colors play an important role in our lives. Chola MS highlights the different colors of joy, sadness, embarrassment, jubilation, and victory and showcases how Holi brings together all these colors with its 2022 Holi ad campaign. At the end of the ad, the insurance company subtly introduces itself as the custodian that can secure these colors in our lives.

The ad has been beautifully crafted to employs a beautiful color combination that is aesthetically appealing.

Wrapping Up

So, that was our list of top 2022 Holi ad campaigns. Holi is a festival of joy and brotherhood and the ads mentioned above have that in plenty.

We wish you a very Happy Holi and hope that the Holi colors will make your life more vibrant and bring you happiness and prosperity all year round.


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