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5 Best Black Friday 2023 Commercials That'll Gear You Up For The Biggest Shopping Season of the Year

Black Friday, the year’s biggest shopping extravaganza, is just a day away. And, it's not just the discounts and deals that steal the spotlight; the commercials play a pivotal role in setting the tone. So, here we are with the top 5 Black Friday commercials that are set to captivate audiences and ignite the festive spirit.

Get ready to dive into the holiday shopping frenzy with the most anticipated event of the year – Black Friday!

1. Walmart: Jingle Bell Rockin

Walmart released a series of epic Black Friday adverts to promote its amazing deals to its customers.

The first advert features some of the most classic scenes from the 2004 movie Mean Girls and also consists of the same cast except that they are all adults in this latest rendition. The commercial even features the classic lines that the movie fans (whosoever they might be) would be naturally expecting, including ‘Get in, loser’ and ‘Grool.’

Walmart further released more commercials every Wednesday these past three weeks, focusing on each Mean Girl individually. The ad revolving around Gretchen Wieners shows her dictating to her daughter how she should be styling herself up for school. Also, we see her trying to fit in with the new generation.

The 60-second spot on Cady Heron shows Cady performing her duties at Mathletes, where she comes across another book of secrets, except that it is full of secrets on various deals. Also, she is seen ‘successfully’ resolving a conflict between two teenage girls and even urges them to join Mathletes. Uh, just enjoy the deal, Cady, those girls aren’t coming to Mathletes.

The latest release of the ad series is on Karen Smith, where she finds out about all the amazing Black Friday deals. Also, she tells us the difference between reporting the weather and “making” it. Thanks for letting us know Karen that the clouds are responsible for the weather and not you!

2. Croma: Own The Darkness

Have you ever come across a deal so good that makes you scream your lungs out? Well, neither have I! But everything is possible when you have a camera focused on you while you feature in a commercial.

This 15-second Croma spot shows a guy turning off the lights to scare a girl, who we suppose is his sister. And, the girl actually lets out a wild shriek, only for us to find out later that it wasn’t because of her brother’s little mischief but because of the wonderful deals and discounts that Croma has in store for Black Friday.

3. Google: Black-Owned Friday

Google released its fourth annual Black-owned Friday commercial that encourages everyone to support, search for, and shop from Black-owned businesses.

Featuring Keke Palmer, who reimagines the 90s classic “100% Pure Love” by Crystal Waters into a new anthem, “Black-Owned Friday (100% Supporting)”, the song sends out an invitation to everyone to show that they’re 100% in support of Black-owned businesses. The video also spotlights a range of Black-owned businesses from across the country, like coffee shops, clothing stores, and plant shops, and features shoppable products that consumers can purchase today.

4. Target: Black Friday Deals

Honestly, there isn’t much to write on this Target Black Friday commercial, their unbelievable weekly deals have left me too awestruck to say or write anything.

You don’t believe me? Well, check these out for yourself!

5. Amazon: Black Friday Week

Amazon came up with a rather short and crisp 20-second commercial that showcased its massive 40% discounts.

The ad features a guy named Andrew, who orders a hair removal device from Amazon and shaves off the hair on his chest to flaunt his dad body to girls who look way younger than him. All right, this advert looks slightly disturbing, but hey, at least Amazon’s deal is good!

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of the best Black Friday 2023 commercials. From heartwarming narratives to jaw-dropping visuals, these advertisements are more than just promotions – they're an integral part of the Black Friday experience, making the countdown to the biggest shopping season even more exciting.

We’ll be back with more amazing adverts for you. Till then, stay tuned!

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