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5 Best International Women’s Day Ads From Recent Years

International Women’s Day is just a day away. Brands are doing everything possible to fuel the girl power- from breaking patriarchal stereotypes to battling for equality and celebrating womanhood with their fantastic Women’s Day campaigns.

Over the years, we have come across several ads that made a solid impact on our minds. From celebrating her beauty, career choices, diversity to combating sexism, here are 5 inspiring Women’s Day ad campaigns that captured our hearts.

1. Reebok (2018)

Reebok India launched its 2018 IWD campaign to bring the audience’s attention to the prevalent physical violence against women.

The ad shows a girl with bruises sitting in a room surrounded by a few people from the common masses. When asked what they think could be the reason behind her bruises, 85% of them said that they believed it resulted from physical violence. However, the reason behind her bruises came as a surprise to everyone and was an inspiration to many.

The ad aims to make self-defense mandatory for students. Watch this video to chin up and inspire yourself to start taking self-defense more seriously.

2. Vodafone (2018)

Vodafone launched the #connectedshecan campaign in 2018 to reflect upon the limited career options that women have. The ad poses questions about the male-dominated society, which cuts across professions too. It makes the audience wonder why young girls often give up on their dreams.

The ad begins with a young girl walking to a podium to question why there have been so few female presidents than men. Eventually, more girls join in and start asking questions related to the absence of women in every said field. In the end, the ad just leaves us wondering why women have to pursue less ‘high-profile’ career paths.

3. Mindspace (2020)

Mindspace’s 2020 #EachForEqual campaign takes a deeper dive into the issues associated with gender equality at the workspace. The ad showcases a social experiment that proves how cognitive biases have an impact on our decision-making skills, which unintentionally promote sexism.

The experiment involves 22 people who have different answers to the same riddle with just one similarity- they are all wrong! While the riddle sounds very tricky at first, you’ll be amazed to see how silly the answer is. And we all get an answer to one question- are we sexists?

Did you get the riddle right?

4. UN Women Australia (2021)

UN Women Australia launched the “When Will She Be Right?” campaign that draws the audience’s attention to the gender inequality that currently exists in Australia. The ad is an attempt to rally the country behind the UN’s goal of achieving equality for women across the world by 2030.

The campaign leverages the common Aussie saying “She’ll be right”, which is often used to dismiss the problems we think might be fixed in time. The ad, however, turns the motto into an important question of not only how, but also when.

5. TikTok (2021)

Only 21% of electronic music festival acts are women across the world. Only one in 103 orchestra trumpet players are women. And only 2% of music producers are women. TikTok sought to leverage IWD 2021 by establishing itself as a platform that gives a voice to female artists.

Appearing across social and digital platforms, #wearehere film features Nina Nesbitt who wrote the soundtrack with International Women‘s Day in mind.

Wrapping Up

Social norms are rapidly changing. And we are no longer looking at societies with specified gender roles. The evolving behavior of the general masses is now reflected in the ads too. Hopefully, these thought-provoking ads listed above will pave the way further for gender equality.

We’ll be back tomorrow with some of the best International Women’s Day Ads from 2022.

Till then, stay tuned.

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