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5 Best Mother’s Day Commercials of 2022 That Will Make You Want to Call Your Mom Right Now

So, it was International Mother’s Day yesterday, and as expected, there was no dearth of beautiful commercials to mark this day. The campaigns this year have been quite thoughtful, driving conversations on motherhood and shattering age-old stereotypes.

So, without any further delay, let’s take a look at these commercials.

1. Amazon

Amazon, the biggest e-commerce platform, came up with a beautiful commercial for the 2022 Mother’s Day. The commercial not only showed how a woman can balance the dual roles of a caring and working mother but also how she is carving out her own way in an industry that has been historically seen as the man’s world.

The woman in the commercial is seen leaving for work on her scooter and it is soon revealed that she works as a delivery executive. While this comes off as shocking to some, others greet her with sweet and encouraging smiles. The ad ends with how these women are known as both moms and trailblazers, and rightly so!

2. Babyshop

Well-known children’s retail store Babyshop released an ad this Mother’s Day that shows how moms take care of their children even in times of acute uncertainty. Although they struggle with the stress and are scared of the virus, they inculcate all the necessary values in their children and continue to give them hope and care even in the toughest times.

The ad conveys at the end that regardless of the situation, mothers will always be a guiding light to their children and support them and be an inspiration to them.

3. Dick’s Sporting Goods

Our mothers are often the biggest motivation in our lives and Dick’s Sporting Goods showed this through its awesome commercial this year. The sporting goods company showcased its own employees in its commercial where they were the protagonists.

The ad shows mothers reassuring their children who are about to participate in different sports. The children looked nervous and scared to step into the sporting world. However, the mothers take charge and reassure them by giving them strength and hope.

4. Mondello Park

While most brands showed how caring and loving a mother can be, Mondello Park took on a different approach and showed the fun side of mothers in its ad. The ad shows a young man taking his grandmother to Mondello’s motorsport park where he wants to take her on a ride in a fast car.

However, in a drastic change of events, it is the grandmother who takes her grandson on a ride. The ad ends with the message, “Give her a memory that will last forever.” Well, if the memory is as exciting as this one, it is bound to last forever.

5. Prega News

Mothers are often expected to be perfect. They are seen as the epitome of sacrifice and selfless love. However, we often tend to forget that they are human beings first and mothers later. Hence, it is absolutely okay if they make mistakes and this Prega News Mother’s Day conveys this beautifully.

The ad conveys the message that it is okay if mothers prioritize themselves first and take an hour of extra sleep instead of preparing lunch for their kids. It is okay if they aren’t able to multitask and end up doing just two out of the fifteen chores. It is okay if they aren’t perfect; it’s okay because they are imperfectly perfect.

Wrapping Up

So, these were our top picks for this year’s Mother’s Day commercials. Mother’s Day has always been an amazing time for brands to dish out commercials that can move the audience and make them feel connected with the brand. Sentimental advertisement can do wonders and it becomes even more powerful if it includes inspirational moments and social issues. And the commercials included in this blog are perfect examples of the same.

We’ll be back with some more mind-blowing commercials for you. Till then, stay tuned and take care!


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