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5 Best New Year Ads from the Past Whose Success Brands Would Love to Replicate for 2023

So, the new year is just a couple of days away, and normally at this time of the year, we’d usually be saying things like “OMG, I can’t believe 2023 is almost here!” But honestly, the way things have transpired in 2022, most of us are glad that the year is finally coming to a close. From Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the sudden collapse of the crypto market to the wide-scale downsizing by most IT companies and the devastating floods in Pakistan- the year has been a forgettable one. And not many would mind clinking their glasses high and hard as we prepare ourselves for the new year.

But as shitty as a year could get, new year marketing campaigns are usually entertaining and an absolute lesson in advertising. So, here we are with 5 highly impressive new year ads from the past.

1. Vivo India: #SwitchOff

The hustle-bustle of our day-to-day lives often makes us forget or ignore the things that matter the most, for example, one’s family. And that’s exactly the message that this 2019 Amir Khan starrer commercial sought to convey.

This ad shows a kid telling his parents that if it were up to him, he’d wish for a phone; not an ordinary one but that of his dad’s. The message is short, sweet, and simple- switch off your phone, set it aside, and spend some time with your family. If the ad didn’t already clear this, the #SwitchOff campaign made it even more obvious.

2. Volkswagen: #QuietNewYearsDay

What is it that we desire the most on new year’s day? Probably some sleep after a tiring, fun, and party-filled night?

Well, this 2016 Volkswagen ad fully understood the pain of people going through a hangover on new year’s day. And helped the audience acquaint themselves with its noiseless cars. Forget the new year, you’d want that thing for the entire year.!

3. Google: #Hero

Every year, Google makes a video with snippets of all the hottest search items that people have been looking for throughout the year. And 2019 was all about people trying to find heroes and Google helping people discover these heroes.

From showbiz heroes like the Avengers and Arya Stark to top-notch athletes like Megan Rapinoe and Serena Williams, we had no shortage of heroes and sheroes all around us in 2019. And Google’s search results through the year and this ad lend ample testimony to that.

It’s never easy to spend time away from your loved ones during any major occasion, especially the new year when you’re expected to make new beginnings.

But thankfully, WhatsApp’s instant messaging services are at our disposal all the time, which means you’re never too far from people who mean something to you. The message in this 2021 ad is crystal clear- no matter how far apart you are on New Year's Eve, you deserve to be together. With a network of 2.5 billion people, WhatsApp makes sure you can ring in the new year with your closest friends and family, across countries and time zones.

So, what would you rather do on new year’s eve- go clubbing, show up at a party that you desperately wish to leave, split the bill with your friends after having dinner at a high-end restaurant, or simply binge-watch your favorite movies and TV shows?

That’s the question that Netflix sought to ask through this 2020 commercial. While there’s no dearth of outgoing people who love to spend their new year’s eve and new year's day partying with their friends, Netflix fully understands that there is also an audience that would rather sit back at home and watch its shows. Great idea, Netflix!

Bdw, what would you do?

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of the best new year ads from yesteryear. The new year often gets overshadowed by the long festive season and the celebrations that begin right from the time of Halloween and continue till Christmas. But there are plenty of marketing ideas that brands can try to make impressive advertising campaigns for the new year- like the ones mentioned in this blog.

Stay tuned to find out about the best 2023 New Year ads; some of the brands mentioned in this list might find a place on that list too. Till then take care folks, and stay safe!


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