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5 Christmas 2021 Ads That Turned All Heads

Halloween’s gone, Bonfire Night got over a long ago and we’re already hitting the new year in less than ten days. But before that, we have one more reason to cheer and enjoy the festivities- Christmas! Yeah, we know we’ve already covered the most-watched Christmas 2021 ads twice, but we just don’t seem to get enough of it, do we?

So, here we are with another set of 5 Christmas ads (we promise this would be the last one for this year) that fully capitalized on the general sentiment of hope, positivity, togetherness. From Morrisons’ little tribute to the farmers to Debenhams’ heart-touching narration of the things missed during last Christmas, brands have mostly focused on what Christmas should be like this year and also going forward.

So, without any further ado, let’s quickly glance over another Christmas 5 Christmas 2021 adverts that raked in a lot of views, love, and appreciation.

1. Morrisons: Farmer Christmas

This Christmas, Morrisons has introduced us to the term “Farmer Christmas” with its advert. The ad shows two young friends who discover the real hero of Christmas. The 60-second ad is a narration of how Farmer Christmas works the entire year to ensure a delicious Christmas feast for the entire nation.

As the single biggest customer of British farming, Morrisons pays a tribute to the farming community by thanking them through their ad for all the hard work that they do to make Christmas so special. The ad also features many of Morrisons’ staff members and shows how the entire store depends on them. The ad is the perfect blend of humility and authenticity.

2. Sports Direct: Go All Out This Christmas

As surprising as its entry might seem on this list, Sports Direct has struck all the right chores with its advert that features a star-studded lineup of athletes Jessica Ennis-Hill, Jack Grealish, and Emma Raducanu along with grime artist Big Narstie.

Titled Go All Out This Christmas, the advert is a real reflection of how the high street retailer, like most other brands, went through two very challenging years owing to the pandemic. The advert has been created by London agency MOX, which was also behind the Sports Starts Here campaign last year. Filled with snow-fighting scenes, the Sports Direct ad feels, humble and cheerful at the same time.

3. Lidl: Big on a Christmas You Can Always Believe In

Lidl went completely futuristic with its 2021 Christmas ad with a funny family-based commercial that takes us on a captivating tour through time. The ad is centralized around a family that enjoys the Christmas festivities regardless of the year.

Created by the ad agency Karmarama, the campaign message reiterates the brand’s ethos, that it's "big on quality" and "always Lidl on price". To showcase this further, the ad’s protagonist carves the turkey with a laser. Regardless of how ridiculous the ad might seem to some people, it fully embraces Lidl’s cheeky sense of humor. The ad shows that instead of taking itself too seriously, Lidl is more committed to quality and value.

4. A Christmas Like Never Before

After a tough Christmas last year, reminds us though its 2021 Christmas ad of the Christmas that we missed in 2020- one of togetherness. The commercial features a young girl narrating to her dad the things that they didn’t do the previous year and the father reminiscing about the things they had missed.

The ad also subtly highlights everything that this year’s Christmas should be. The ad fully taps on to the desire in people for togetherness adding “This year, being together is top of the list”. If that’s something you’ve missed last Christmas, then this ad will definitely leave a lump in your throat.

5. Barbour: Paddington, Please Look After This Bear

If the last advert wasn’t enough, here’s another tear-jerker for you. Barbour has collaborated with Paddington Bear for the first time to come up with the cutest Christmas campaign this year. The commercial follows Paddington Bear as he through a list of different people that he must buy gifts for.

When he sees Mr. Brown’s name on the list, he can think of only one present, which is to gift him a re-waxed Barbour jacket that Mr. Brown was wearing when he found Paddington Bear. The rest of the ad shows how our beloved character goes about re-waxing the coat before gifting it to Mr. Brown on Christmas along with the message “Thank you for looking after me”.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of whether or not you love every ad listed above, there’s one thing that all of us can agree on- the efforts taken by brands to add some much-needed positivity to our lives with fun and positive ads. The dampened 2020 Christmas celebrations were sure to give way to an extra special splash this year. And most brands seem to have gauged that correctly. Hopefully, the festivities this year would be just as rocking as many of these ads.


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