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5 ‘Eggcelent’ Easter Ads That Delivered Unique Marketing ‘Eggsperience’

As children, most of us were thrilled about the Easter bunny bringing us some chocolate eggs. However, as adult marketers, all we want from Easter are some sales, which is quite similar to any other holiday, honestly.

With Easter just a couple of days away, if you have been planning to kickstart an Easter campaign, we can help you with it. Here are the 5 most memorable Easter commercials that will provide you with some much-needed inspiration for your last-minute Easter marketing campaign.

1. M&S Food (2015)

M&S came up with this mouth-watering series of new Adventures in Food TV ads for Easter 2015 while featuring adventures in roasts, berries, and chocolate. Whether you prefer cute and dainty creations, a gilded baroque-style work of art, or elegantly marbled mini eggs- M&S has got for you its best-ever Easter collection of chocolate delights.

Go ahead and watch it only if you aren’t following a “strictly healthy diet” because this commercial is simply too tempting to resist.

2. Co-op Food (2016)

Co-op Food came up with an amazing commercial titled “The Co-op Arm” for its 2016 Easter campaign. The ad featured a hired actor with bandages on his arm. The members of the public were shown helping him.

The campaign aimed to inspire people to be “good eggs” with this awesome “eggsperiment”. Now that’s what we call a clever way of stringing together Easter, your product, and the brand message. Marketers, take note!

3. Netto (2017)

Netto’s 2017 Easter commercial is set in a magical woodland world that is home to animated creatures who take the audience through an enchanting story.

The ad features a hen and a rabbit who give birth to an adorable young rabbit with an uncanny ability to lay colorful Easter eggs. This makes it difficult for the young rabbit to fit in with other creatures who make fun of its unusual ability. Overwhelmed with dejection, the rabbit runs away to a human city in distance, which leaves its parents worried who are left with nothing other than a newly laid Easter egg on the rabbit’s bed.

How the rabbit reunites with its family forms the other half of this mind-blowing campaign. Do watch it on YouTube.

4. Cadbury (2018)

Cadbury launched its first live 360-degree Facebook Easter Egg Hunt in 2018 to devise a sweet treat for chocaholics during Easter.

The 40-second commercial encouraged Facebook users to log in and scour a virtual landscape for hidden eggs during a one-hour event that attracted over 220,000 spotters from all over Australia, who posted over 70,000 comments.

5. Old Speckled Hen (2014)

And just in case you had started believing that Easter is merely a high time for candy companies to drive their sales, this Old Speckled Hen ad by Grey London will show you why you and your brand, regardless of the niche, can make the most out of the festive Easter mood.

The Old Speckled Hen features a gentlemanly fox puppet called Old Speckled Henry. The Easter-themed TV spot is set in a pub and shows the puppet speaking in a posh accent and cracking jokes. The puppet has been voiced by the comedian Simon Evans.

Old Speckled Henry with his quirky, irreverent take on life, and the strapline ‘Seek out something different.’ is the perfect lesson in marketing.

Bottom Line

While it may seem like Easter is the perfect time for chocolate and candy companies, any brand can dip its toes in Easter holiday marketing. All that you need to figure out is a way to align your brand with the Easter ethos and festivity.

That would be all for this week. We’ll be back next week with a few more amazing ads for you.

Till then, stay tuned and have an amazing weekend fellas!


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